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  • Preach A Lousy Sermon Analysis

    How to Preach a Lousy Sermon Preaching a message can either be too long or too short. I am not going to tell you how long a sermon should be. Some sermons are too long before they even begin. Others are so fascinating and so inspired, you regret when they stop. Sometimes a sermon has to be short, because the service that day is long and involved. A preached do not necessitate to set a ticker on the soapbox to tell what time it is or see if they have preached too long or excessively short. Altogether that is required is to look at the congregation. How many people are facing at their watches? How many are staring out the window pane? How many are giving notes? How many are fidgeting and restless? If you have loss your audience, you might…

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  • The Ethical Behavior Of Sermons

    Sermons Every sermon was meant to focus on ethical behavior and how to have a christian life (“Journal of Church and State”, 2014). McMahon (n.d.) stated that, we like preachers that are entertaining, Puritans on the other hand didn’t. There preachers had to be able to read the Bible and explain the plain meaning, note and discuss key points, and be able to apply the text to real life situations. They didn’t care to hear how the preacher’s day has went they just wanted the word to be preached…

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  • Metaphors In Jonathan Edwards

    that listen to his sermons each week. Edwards declares that “all wicked men 's pains and contrivance which they use to escape hell, while they continue to reject Christ, and so remain wicked men, do not secure them from hell one moment.” This statement by Edwards is remarkably similar to Hagee’s statement claiming that “those who are cheering for a one world government…are going to get it, and it is going to be hell on earth.” Along with threats, Edwards, Hagee, and Jerry Falwell also transform…

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  • Pastoral Preaching Experience Essay

    from a pastor. I believed the preaching was for the edification of the saints. The preaching is a herald of God’s word. The preacher spent a majority of his time in exegesis and studying to present a contemporary sermon from which the Lord would speak through him by the Spirit that Christ might be glorified. I believed that the two would not have time to deal with the other areas; therefore one must make a decision as to be either a pastor or a preacher. I have come to find out that they are not…

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  • Lestor Roloff Observation

    and preach without opening your Bible and get people saved. Then I believe that God is using you. Description of Sermon Passage and Topic Daniel was the passage that he was talking about. The topic was over Nebuchadnezzar and his “playboy” son. The problem I saw right off the beginning was the fact that Mr. Roloff never opened his Bible and never gave us the passage. He never read from his Bible and only graze over the story in the awesome narrative Almighty God has given us. However he…

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  • Biography Of Jonathan Edwards: A Great Shepherd Of Early Colonial Theology And Revivalism

    Jonathan Edwards: A Great Shepherd of Early Colonial Theology and Revivalism Jonathan Edwards (1703-1759) played a historical part in American Christianity as we know it today. He was a notorious religious figure during a time when Congregationalists were determined to adhere to the religious styles of old. His intellectual and theological reason, along with his fervent zeal fueled by the Holy Spirit, makes him one of the greatest evangelistic preachers and apologists of all time. His life,…

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  • Bodily Movement Analysis

    Kletzing’s sermon in terms of the dimensions of language used. I was frustrated as I tried to identify each of the dimensions and catalog his sermon as fitting one or another. It would be counterproductive to delineate my work here but nevertheless, I found all four dimensions well used here. His use of memorial language in particular seemed appropriate as he related the soldier’s story. “In worship, we must tell the story of God 's redemption, both in its grand sweep and in its specifics…

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  • Analysis Of Personal Theology: A Garden Of Community By Lucy Atkinson Rose

    Personal Theology: A Garden of Community Lucy Atkinson Rose’s idea of the sermonic moment continues to strike me as a new and powerful method of developing relationships through sermons. Atkinson Rose proposes the following: “One form of preaching aims to gather the community of faith around the Word where the central conversations of the people of God are fostered and refocused week after week.” In suggesting that we rethink sermons as a shared experience of Truth, rather than truth from the…

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  • Bob Jones Case Study

    In addition to studies and part-time jobs, students were expected to be prepared to preach anywhere at any given time (Wooten, 2001). Billy prepared four sermons and one day he got his chance to preach them at a small Baptist church in Bostwick. To his dismay, his sermon that was initially supposed to last forty-five minutes only lasted about two minutes. He practiced preaching in downtown Tampa by standing on the streets preaching to passersby or he would go into bars and preach to drunks about…

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  • Slave Narratives: From The Bullwhip Days

    themselves makes it rather easy to take things out of context, leaving it up to the masters, in this case, to teach the word with their discretion. This led to major discrepancies in Christianity. Solomon, the main character in 12 Years a Slave, is a free black man that is kidnapped and forced into slavery. He is an educated man, so he was able to read the Bible. Once he was taken into slavery he was held under two different masters. Master Ford was the first man he belonged to. On Ford’s…

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