Service-oriented architecture

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  • Service Oriented Architecture Paper

    The role of software architects is to map the software requirements to the architecture design and guarantee that both functional requirements and quality attributes are met (Qin et al., 2007). Since applications have a diverse set of requirements, it is rare that a single architectural style can address all those requirements. Usually, the system architecture is not limited to a single style, but is often a combination of architectural styles. For example, the design of a web-based application can be based on different architectural styles. It may use the client-server architecture with the client sending requests to a server. The deployment may use a 3-tiered approach with the client-server functionality distributed across presentation, business and database tier. Each tier may employ the layered architectural style to achieve separation of concerns. The application may also adopt the service oriented architecture, where client and server functions are exposed as services. The communication between the client and server may use the message bus architecture. In their survey of software architectural styles and patterns, Sharma, Kumar, and Agarwal (2015) have compared various styles according to quality attributes and also specified the application area along with the advantages…

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  • Identifying The Driving Forces Of New Marketing Principles

    Identifying the Driving Forces in New Marketing Principles and Their Probable Future Changes Krystle Alfonseca LIM College Marketing principles are the fundamental concept and philosophy that serves as the foundation for promoting a business (sale of goods or services), or a behavior for a chain of reasoning in business domains. Marketing encompasses a spectrum of processes such as identifying consumers ' needs and design a means of providing these needs. Today 's marketing…

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  • SOA Case Study

    acted as clients. They enabled a user to access resources over the internet, thus by providing more accessibility and authorization to it. This scenario has been described in figure 1.3, shown above. But all this was very difficult to integrate as far as business data availability and workflows are concerned. So, there emerged a need for some technology wherein one can easily change the software which can easily handle all the resources and workflows according to the requirement. And the answer…

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  • The Importance Of Software Architecture

    of decisions taken in selecting the architecture [13]. 2.1.2 Architectural Design This applies to all architectures, most of the time the genre(category) of the software dictates the architectural approach to be considered, some of the genres are artificial intelligence, commercial and non-profit, communications, financial, games, government, legal, medical, military, science and many more. Each genre has its own unique requirements which it follows with emphasis on its key qualities…

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  • Personal Essay: My Eternal Love For Architecture And Architecture

    My first tryst with architecture was back in 2000; I was about 10 years old and my parents had started the construction of our new house. We took weekly trips to the construction site and I remember being so fascinated with how a few walls and ceilings, an entity so basic, could create spaces so vastly varying and yet so personal. This had now opened up a whole new spectrum of the built form for me, I was suddenly more conscious of its presence, something I hadn’t even noticed until that time.…

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  • Utopian Urban Planning

    Excessive Planning in the Urban Future: Obstacles to Urban Utopia The utopian-style planning of the urban future has embraced principle, and abandoned practicality. In order to form utopian cities, the planners of urban areas like Brasília and Delhi proposed detailed urban plans that have mostly ignored market factors in favor of heightened urban regulations. In the case of Brasília, these regulations, designed to further the city’s utopian conception, have actually had the opposite effect.…

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  • Air Conditioning

    This air conditioning unit is a good alternative to the window A.C especially if the room doesn’t have a window or you don’t wish to give it up. They have numerous ranges of capabilities and are reasonably energy efficient. However, if the wall doesn’t have an existing hole - which can be a disadvantage to some -, then you might require the services of an expert to help install it. Maintenance of a wall air conditioner Keeping your through the wall air-conditioner maintained is of utmost…

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  • Sustainable Construction

    Introduction This paper examines six peer-reviewed articles addressing the concept of sustainable construction. Sustainable construction is the creation and responsible management of a healthy built environment based on resource efficient and ecological principles (Mokhlesian & Holman, 2012). These resource efficient and ecological principles make changes to the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of the structure. Topics discussed in the articles include, but are not limited to,…

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  • Statement Of Purpose To Study Kinesiology And Psychography

    I never intended to study architecture. When I was applying to colleges, I intended to study kinesiology and psychology. Studying dance and photography when I was younger gave me a desire to be expressive, and even though I felt a connection to the physicality of dance through kinesiology, I knew I wanted to do something that fulfilled that same sense of expression. It wasn’t until I studied architecture that I noticed some of its similarities with dance. Dance is expressive of the body, but it…

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  • Recovering Utopian Coleman Analysis

    utopia in regard to architecture and city planning. It includes explanations that make up the dangers and realistic ideals that come along with trying to create utopia in architecture or a utopian city. Coleman describes what makes up utopia in architecture which include as he describes four elements: “social and political content; a significant level of detail in the description of what is proposed; elaboration of a positive transformation of social and political life as key to what is proposed…

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