Identifying The Driving Forces Of New Marketing Principles

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Identifying the Driving Forces in New Marketing Principles and Their Probable Future Changes Krystle Alfonseca LIM College Marketing principles are the fundamental concept and philosophy that serves as the foundation for promoting a business (sale of goods or services), or a behavior for a chain of reasoning in business domains. Marketing encompasses a spectrum of processes such as identifying consumers ' needs and design a means of providing these needs. Today 's marketing is facing with progressively multifaceted clienteles; transnational markets integration and technological advancement, which periodically drive the new marketing principles.
What the driving forces are in new marketing principles
Certified services firms periodically evaluate the suitability of their business models so as to deliver the greatest value to their clients, which remained the dynamism in business and the forces that propel marketing principles. The structure of marketing is centred on three great principles namely; customer value, competitive advantage and focus on customer need (Kotler & Armstrong, 2010). Evidently, businesses require a greater understanding of the forces that drives these marketing principles in order to maintain an edge in their usual business without facing with eroding margins, risks, underleveraged partnerships and operational difficulties.
Increasingly modernistic clients: This is a typical driving force of the marketing principles and the impetus

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