Session Initiation Protocol

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  • Lectio Divina Group Reflection

    Director. I struggled before the course for decision and I hoped that I could find my answer after finishing the course. I also hoped that the Lectio Divina Group could facilitate a very rich and deeply personal sharing of souls. I was assigned to lead the first session of the Lectio Divina Group. I understood that the hearing of God’s voice through the Scripture required an open, reflective, listening position alert to the voice of God. Also, I understood I had limitations in focusing on God himself. I wrestled in the past in a few similar sessions responding to God’s Word with my rational and cognitive skills only. However, I desperately wanted to respond with my heart and spirit. The night before the first session I prayed earnestly that God would speak to each of us in the group, especially to me. Moreover, I prayed that my head and my heart would become together when hearing God’s word. I knew I have to be well prepared for the benefit of the group. That night I read the passage several times before the group session to ensure everyone could hear clearly and got the best out from it and I hoped this would result in each of the group members to improve relationship with God. In the first session on Isaiah 43:1-7, I heard the phrase “I will be with you.” I reflected that God did so many things for me in the past and with me in times of difficulties. During this time when I was thinking about the decision to…

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  • Three Different Approaches To Group Counseling

    Also, within a session there will always be disagreements. It’s up to the counselor to turn that into a positive and let the group know that even though they are voicing their opinion, it’s always important to be respectful of others. Finally, in talking about this particular topic, the response within the counselor and other members of the group is important. Everyone feelings are very important within the group because if one doesn’t like the others response then that child or group of…

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  • Reflection On Relational Connection And Self-Congruence

    for me, it has been the topic of many reflections. I have realized that perhaps these questions and uncertainties were related to not having found my counsellor style. Or, perhaps they were due to my natural inclination to play the role of an expert or leader as I do in my personal life. Having a self-congruent style was one of my goal during these practice sessions as I tried to be true to my personal qualities within the counseling experience (Hackney & Cormier, 2013). Furthermore…

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  • Multicultural Counseling Reflection Paper

    The client was is a sixteen year old, Hispanic female. She is a sophomore in high school, living with her mother and eighteen-year-old brother. The client’s parents have been divorced since she was in the sixth grade, around the age of ten or eleven. The client does not work neither does her mother, the family is supported financially by her brother and her mother’s boyfriend. Client stated that she has never been to counseling. Furthermore, she stated that family did not have a history of…

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  • Synthetic Responsiveness In The Film Forrest

    This is an example of “relationship initiation”(Verderber). Relationship initiation occurs when a people are “proactive about spending time together” in order to create a deeper bond(Verderber). Initiation is the first step in building any variety of relationship, whether it be romantic, platonic or otherwise. Relationships vary in strength and depth depending on many factors, including similarities or mutualities between the individuals . Two people who have many things in common have a wide…

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  • My First Experience-Personal Narrative

    An Important event that I think is important to me would be, when I was a sophomore when did my first initiation. Everytime I think about it gives me chills right down my spine, I can remember every detail and every little thing I saw that I feel like no one would understand. The emotions I felt that day would have been something unwilling, mad, ashamed, amazed, and glad. I could say that end of it all was different feeling I never felt before. I would have to say it was one of the best moments…

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  • Summary Of Charles Duhigg's Habit

    to control and change habits. First Argument A habit can be defined as an established custom. Unlike a natural reaction to a given situation such as running away from danger, a habit is formed when something is done repetitively over an extended period to gain a reward; as Duhigg (p.13) explains, a habit is characterized by cue, routines, and reward. As such, any habit should be easy to change when identified as claimed by Duhigg. Some habits formed out of necessity are virtually impossible to…

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  • Argumentative Essay About Fraternity

    I was never a fan of fraternities. At first, I thought people who joined were just after the impression of other people that they look cool because they have a fraternity. In addition there are alot of hazing issues reported on media, which tells people that joining a fraternity is dangerous. Despite the negative stigma against fraternities, the majority of the society will never truly know the hard-earned joy of being initiated into a brotherhood, the bond that is tight enough to be considered…

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  • Courtship: The Variation Of The Nacirema

    Courtship is a cultural practice seen around the world. While it takes many forms, a broad definition of courtship is a period during which two or more people develop a relationship with romantic intentions. Courtship can generally be split into three distinct phases ranging from the initiation of the relationship, its duration and finally its termination. The variation seen around the world in courtship rituals is extraordinarily diverse and often takes on forms that may seem unusual and…

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  • Explain The Final Stages Of A Group

    members in turn develop a report with the leader that they reciprocate this behavior which prompts them to share their experiences. When preparing for a group, the termination process (final stage of the group) should be inclusive. It is the leader’s decision by addressing termination throughout group session or setting aside time in the last couple of sessions to wrap things up. The final stage of a group should be approached with just as much energy as forming a group. During this stage,…

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