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After telling Lieutenant Dan this he laughed and said “If you buy a shrimp boat and become captain I will be your first mate.” Although Lieutenant Dan did not want to be on a shrimp boat he told Forrest this because of sympathetic responsiveness, because even though he did not make that promise to Bubba before he died he knew that Forrest did and he felt he had to help him.
Another good example of sympathetic responsiveness in the movie is towards the ending of the movie, after Jenny died Forrest goes to her grave under their tree and starts talking to her and what he tells her is that he had the house that Jenny grew up in bulldozed over. Forrest may not have understood why Jenny hated that house so much or why she had wanted it gone but yet,
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(Verderber, pg166) Lieutenant Dan got his legs blown off when he and Forest were fighting in Vietnam and told Forest “You Listen to me, we all have a destiny nothing just happens just because, it’s all part of a plan. I should have died out there on the mountain with my men, but now I’m nothing but God damn cripple.” Lieutenant Dan tells Forrest these feelings about himself because at first he sees forest as the reason he has no legs, but then realizes that Forest was just trying to do the right thing and begins to open up even more about his uncertainty in what to do with his life. Lieutenant Dan reveals all of these feelings to Forest because Forest seems to be the only one who doesn’t talk to him or see him as a cripple. This is good example of self-disclosure because Lieutenant Dan opens up to Forest about his true feelings of being a cripple for the rest of his …show more content…
Lt Dan was making out with one of them when the other kissed Forest and Forest pushed her off of him to which she replied, “Are you stupid or something?” The other woman then asks Lt Dan if Forrest is stupid. Lt Dan replies angrily, “What did you say? Don’t call him stupid, don’t you ever call him stupid!” As the ladies run out Forest said to himself, “I guess Lt Dan figured there’s some things you just can’t change, he didn’t want to be called crippled just like I didn’t want to be called stupid.” Though Lt Dan doesn’t say anything directly to Forest, Forest still feels comforted by the way Lt Dan defended him and that’s why this is a good example of comforting

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