Communication Skills In Forrest Gump

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“Life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.”(Forrest) This is the most famous quotes from the movie Forrest Gump. In, Forrest Gump there are many different types of communication skills and techniques. The different types of communication in the movie are open mindedness, self-disclosure, comforting messages, eyecontact, sympathetic responsiveness, egocentrism, relationship initiation,and emotional support through personal friendships. The communication skills listed above can be seen in the two relationships between Forrest and Jenny, and Forrest and Lieutenant Dan. The first communication skill is open mindedness. Open mindedness can be described as knowing your own cultural norms and values and recognizing …show more content…
This shows that Forrest had a open mind and was going to support them on their decision to join the university. Another example of open mindedness is when Lieutenant Dan tells Forrest and Bubba to change their socks whenever they stop and to try their best to keep their feet dry. This was a cultural custom that must be done over in Vietnam to protect the soldiers from getting different types of foot disease, but back in America it was culture norm to change your socks once or twice a day. This was a culture change to Forrest and he accepted it. Forrest never knew about the sock changing idea but had an open mind and did what he was told, this may have saved his feet from getting a disease which could of killed him.
The third example of open mindedness is when Lieutenant Dan says “Maybe you should just pray for shrimp”. He says this right after Forrest asks him where the shrimp are. Forrest had never heard of praying for shrimp before but he was open minded about the idea. He gave it a shot and it worked. After he prayed for shrimp a hurricane came in a wiped out all the other shrimping boats and Bubba Gump Shrimp Company became the only provider of shrimp. They caught enough shrimp to give Forrest the ability to not have to worry about money anymore, so he donated the money. If someone can be open minded they could help out many people. Another important communication skill is found through friendships and
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Jenny is there for Forrest as long as she can be by letting him sit by her on the first bus ride to school to being by his side as he decides to join the army after high school graduation. During the movie, Jenny says a line after she hears that Forrest is joining the army, “Listen, you promise me something, OK? Just if you’re ever in trouble, don’t be brave. You just run, OK? Just run away” (Robert Zemeckis, Forrest Gump). That quote from the movie shows how much she cares about him just being him. Have you ever had someone you could go to for just about anything? Well, Forrest did. Lieutenant Dan and Forrest Gump had a very close and bonding relationship. As Lieutenant Dan once said, “Forrest. I never thanked you for saving my life” and Forrest thought and said to himself, “He never actually said so, but I think he made his peace with God” (Robert Zemeckis, Forrest

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