Gardner's Mi Theory, Learning Style And Temperament.

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1. Discuss Jamal’s individual variations in terms of Gardner’s MI theory, learning style, and temperament.
Jamal possessed interpersonal understanding hence, his ability to interact with others allowed him to eventually comprehend his role in society. In addition, his intrapersonal skills were utilized as he contemplated his goals (sports or writing). I also noted Jamal’s exuded a high level of confidence. For example, he voiced his opinion while being cognizant of the possible consequences he would have to face if he chose to defy Professor Crawford. Regarding Jamal’s temperament, his innate behavior proved he was capable of properly adapting to stressful situations. For instance, when Professor Crawford doubted his academic integrity by
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Nonetheless, Forrester was an unconventional introvert who possessed the ability to analyze Jamal and his writing. Jamal was very analytical as well he was able to see past Forrester’s tough persona he knew that underneath it was a man full of knowledge, compassion and the ability to teach him how to utilize his full potential. Also, Forrester and Jamal brought the best out of each other. This, in turn, lead to them understand their own place in society. Both Forrester and Jamal were able to increase they're individual self- awareness as they learned from one another. Forrester was able to teach and mentor Jamal by utilizing social learning which suggests that individuals can learn through observation and direct contact. Due to the nature of their relationship, Forrester was able to enhance Jamal’s ability to learn and understand a higher level of writing and …show more content…
The that the separation of a family can hinder a person's emotional stability. Psychological issues can develop such as emotional distance which can make it more difficult to relate to others which can form a communication gap. This can negatively influence how an individual is perceived and treated. Also, bias can lead to discrimination which can add to the level of disparity a poor individual is going through. This film taught me that everyone deserves a chance to succeed and that one individual can drastically change the outcome of someone’s life. Despite this, internal behaviors can be modified to reduce negative behaviors when given specific resources and incentives which can encourage and promote learning and

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