Postmodernism And Individualism

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Postmodernism is closely related to individualism, in fact, individualism is one of the many concepts that is in postmodernism. From the view of postmodernists, facts and truths are risen from social subjectivity because experiences and science reasoning are the thing of the past. While this might seem ordinary for many young adults or teens, this postmodernist concept and ideal is what has been keeping experts and mature adults up at night. With the birth of the internet, postmodernist’s corrupted values are spreading faster than ever. In this paper, we will explore many aspect of the ideas and the values behind the movement of postmodernism, seeing for ourselves what modernist and postmodernist are bumping they head about.
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According to Dr. Ryan Scherbart, postmodernism is the rejecting of the traditional modernism values, it is more about relativism rather than the idea of objectivism like modernism. Unlike modernism, which emphasized on reasoning, science or progression, postmodernism is more about the freedom of individuals, rejecting fixity and questing our authorities. There many reasons why postmodernism is logically inconsistent or even dangerous, as postmodernism contain the concepts of anything goes and nothing really matters. This is dangerous and inconsistent because if people lives by the concepts of “anything goes” and “nothing matters”, will the world be in order or will it just burn down to the ground. With modernism we can see progressions and have a predictable outcome, but with postmodernism, outcome for anything will most likely be unpredictable, even for science and truths that we’ve already know. To further expand, take for example the postmodern Batman comic that Dr. Scherbart had shown to all of us in class. In the comic scene, Robin states that “There are no absolute truths!”, and Batman replying to Robin “That’s an Absolute truth. …show more content…
Movies like Tomorrowland, Surrogates, The Matrix, and Wall-E all has depicted that one day our advancement in technologies will turn against us as we try to achieve our perfect utopia using technologies. Movie like The Terminator has tried to depict that if we were to have artificial intelligent they would totally turn against us to rule the world. According to Ryan Dube, his article “How Hollywood Has Depicted Artificial Intelligence Over the Years” make some solid points on how artificial intelligence has been portrayed in movies. Due to the fact that most humans has a natural fear for robots, depicting the negative consequences of having artificial intelligence and have them trying to eliminate us would be more interesting and daring to watch which will attract more people to see the film and thus making Hollywood more money, which keep this negative depiction of artificial intelligent in our future going. In order for us to make advancement for us to achieve artificial intelligent in this world we would all have to have a modernist mindset and values to be able to get there. Unfortunately, we all are being drown in unreliable truths of postmodernism today, therefore, we will have little new technologies advancement, but at least we won’t be eliminated by artificial intelligent any time

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