Argumentative Essay On Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is the science that makes the machine intelligent, e.g. when the computer makes decisions in a similar way that human does. AI is applied in software or machines From the research I did, the scientists are investigating on two type of AI, one AI is that it has its own personality, it can acts as human, has own emotion, feel what human can feel and its own thinking, so singularity. And this AI has self learning program so it is like human can learn from experience. The other type of AI is like a program that process things automatically, it has kind of human intelligence like choosing the best option in a certain situation but it can not have its own emotion self learning that the human does.
I have chosen AI because
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Nowadays scientists are still in a stage of developing these types of artificial intelligence. But should the scientists develop it? There are many scientists think that artificial intelligence is a danger for the human society and it can even end up destroying whole human race. In oppose of it, other scientists think that artificial intelligence is the future of the human, it will lead human to a new …show more content…
Artificial intelligence can replace human in lots type of work. For example, nowadays in the industry there are robots that does all the work for human, just few people needed to control the machines. In future, it may not need any people to control the machines because artificial intelligence will act as a human. This can improve the production in the industry so more products can face to consumers. In other side, millions of people will lose their job because they may be skilled in one area but artificial intelligence does all the work and even better than human so people would lost their job. Machines can work 24 hours per day and it will not say that they are tired while human cannot work this long period of time. Again this is an advantage for artificial intelligence, a disadvantage for human. Artificial intelligence can complete task much faster than human with less errors and defects. This makes people think that they are inferior and make them to be under very high stress as they need to compete against machines. Artificial intelligence is cost efficient, when it is at the stage of developing, it may need large investment but when it is developed, it can replace human employees who need to be paid monthly with less efficiency while the cost of artificial intelligence is just maintenance

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