Frankenstein Still Relevant Analysis

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The themes of Frankenstein are still relevant today because they are asking if it is right to do something just because you have the means to do it. In other words should we do something just because we can?
I believe this is the same about designer babies. In some cases it can be good in ways that we can take genes that are cancerous and remove them. But then there are people who want to choose what color eyes their child has and in those cases it doesn't really make sense because if everyone changes the natural genes that their children have then eventually it could be possible to make those traits go extinct.
With some things we should try them out but in the end we should have to decide what things need to stay and what shouldn't happen. I believe that's
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In the world we have to try and keep ourselves alive and do whatever that means. We already play enough god by taking life and while giving life would give someone the ultimate gift and so that's what victor tried to do but then he couldn't predict what would happen.
Some advancements are good like preserving somebody's life or improving it but in some ways we should just realize that we should stop. There are times where if you're rich enough to do something then go ahead.
With cryogenically frozen people most can do it because they have the money but it also has it's good things like we can try and find the cures to diseases. With things like giving people cybernetic parts it's mostly about improving their life. And AI can be used in warfare and places where human error would cost too much. Another use for AI is to go to places where humans can't like in nuclear
The biggest thing with Frankenstein is that they know it's a little weird and creepy that he's made out of dead bodies but as what happened with the blind villager, he had no idea as to the state of the creature and so he was just another guy to him.
The moral of the story could be to never judge a book by it's

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