Incoporating Ethics Into Artificial Intelligence By Amitai

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The most significant passage in this book might be about malignant failure in particular. He includes that the definition of malignant should not necessarily be upheld in this case. Malignant can refer to multiple outcomes in relation to artificial intelligence. He includes the relation of malignant failure to a weak or a strong machine. If the machine is weak, the fallout is limited in result, but when the machine is incredibly aware and intelligent the fallout is catastrophic. In Nick Bostrom's words, "if a system that has a decisive strategic advantage misbehaves, or if a misbehaving system is strong enough to gain such an advantage, the damage can easily amount to an existential catastrophe" (Bostrom 120). Bostrom deduces that when a system …show more content…
Moreover, inevitable ruin is not the only outcome. With regulation, screening, and requirements for certified AI, people can maintain their individuality and prevent the rise of a superintelligence without concern for the safety of human integrity.
In the study of artificial intelligence, academics regard the necessity for ethical installment, although it contrasts against the free will of humanity. The main concept of the article, "Incorporating Ethics into Artificial Intelligence", written by Oren and Amitai Etzioni, includes the incorporation of ethics into two forms of AI that exist. The Etzioni's then contemplate the difficulties AI producers face when including the ability to make ethical decisions. They begin on the issue of AI equipped cars and the misconstrued term of 'autonomous'. The word 'autonomous', which is commonly used to define this branch of machines, distracts from true conclusions about the ethics involved in machinery. They consider how ethics must be involved when harm is the most likely outcome in a scenario and highlight the ways that ethics can be included into AI programming. The issue with implementing ethics is the inclusion of a moral philosophy, which could include moral faults, causing the machine to make an

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