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  • The Rival Conceptions Of God Analysis

    mistake made by some is how each sees God differently and believe in God. Lewis shared in "The Rival Conceptions of God" that practicing atheist believe that all other religions are wrong, no exceptions (Lewis, 2009). Lewis shared that humanity was thought to be divided into majority and minority. Lewis shared that the majority believe there is a God or Gods that exist and a few, the minority, believe there is no God (Lewis, 2009). Christianity is among the majority which includes Greeks, Romans, and Platonists. Lewis discussed how individuals are divided by the sort of Gods individuals chose to believe exist. This division between denominations produced two different ideas. The first idea was God is way beyond good or beyond evil, and the second is God is righteous and wants us to behave in ways he dictates. Lewis shared his views on Dualism explaining that there are two powers: equal and independent. These powers are also referred to as powers, spirits, or Gods and have been around for eternity and each believes one is good and the other is bad. Lewis explained in the practical conclusion that sharing God’s humility and his sufferings, we find hope and life. Lewis stressed how important it is abiding by the Laws of God and live this new life of Christianity…

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  • The Rival Conceptions Of God By Dr. Lewis

    2.1 The Rival Conceptions of God Here the author discussed the idea of how people in this world are divided into groups according to whether or not they believe in God and if they do believe in Him, they are further divided according to their beliefs about His involvement with the people of the world. As a former atheist, he discussed his view and explored the difference in the beliefs of the Pantheists, (those who believe that God is just another part of the universe, therefore, a part of…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Definition Of God

    Christianity’s definition of God. More than that actually. Most of my family’s life was spent in the Midwest. Ohio to be exact. While my parents and I were hopping around the whole United States on military standby, the rest of my family on my dad’s side was, has been, and always will be, a part of a very cult like denomination of Christian church. When we finally settled in Ohio, after my dad got released, we began regularly attending it. There I learned a very different God than I know today.…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Core Values And Beliefs

    with, my beliefs about God existing is one of the main forces as to why I am who I am today. The Bible and what its stories have to offer support these beliefs. God It has been the stance of historic Christianity that, unlike other religions and conceptions of God, God can be known. He has disclosed himself to humanity through the testimony of the Scriptures and the person of Jesus Christ, the prototype of the invisible God. The nature of this knowledge of God is not made manifest…

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  • Celie's Journey To God In The Color Purple By Alice Walker

    “What kind of God are you?” this question echoes through the theatre as Celie sings a desperate plea to God in The Color Purple the revival of the 2006 musical that opened in New York December 10th, 2015. Directed by John Doyle with a book by Marsha Norman based on Alice Walker’s 1982 Pulitzer Prize winning novel by the same name, the musical takes the audience on a journey through Celie’s life as she attempts to answer this question for herself. The musical is a portrait of Celie’s life as an…

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  • Essay On Ultimate Soccer Torch

    What our “Pitch” is about is how we can make the average soccer player better than average. We are going to do this by improving the ability of a soccer player by increasing speed, giving them dead point accuracy, intensifying their power and making their ball control that of an angel of soccer. The way this is possible is due to the fact that we were finally able to harness the power of the soccer god and circulating his power through each one of the soles and with a little help from Dr. Rickey…

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  • Philo's Argument Analysis

    Philo begins his argument from the existence of evil by introducing a few examples on why God has either not willed humanity’s happiness or that He does not believe that happiness is an essential component to the human condition. In his first argument, he asserts first that God is a moral being who values traits such a justice, kindness, and mercy. He then states that God’s scope is infinite, and he can perform whatever deeds he so wishes. Finally, he says that humanity is unhappy. This leads to…

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  • Our Lady Of Vladimir Analysis

    icon is the most venerated in Russia. Unlike other more austere Marian icons, Our Lady of Vladimir belongs to the Ἐλεούσα Eleousa or ‘tender-touch’ iconographic style. This style is known for stressing the humanity of Christ; a compassionate God who suffers with humankind. Painted in the twelfth century, the icon depicts Mary and the child Christ. In this ekphrastic poem, Williams describes his encounter with the icon. The child possessively embraces Mary and with her right hand she draws…

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  • Anti-Christianity And Religion In John Bronte's Jane Eyre

    primarily through the characters like Jane and Helen, Brocklehurst, and Mrs Temple. Jane herself, the protagonist within the novel, is the character that seems to hold the most anti-Christian philosophy and resentment for those who are followers of the religion. Bronte uses the writing method of an autobiography in order to create Jane and allow her to express these sentiments. She goes against the majority of religious views during the time the novel was written therefore this caused a large…

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  • Ron Rolheiser's The Ineffability Of God

    early Christian life, I often wondered how does the God look like? I heard people saying testimonies that God spoke to them, they heard the voice of God. But really, Does God speak like normal humans? For me, God is beyond my expectations and he is extraordinary. After reading the article “The Ineffability of God” by Ron Rolheiser, I could easily relate most of the parts mentioned in the article to my life that is, I always escape from thoughts about God’s appearance because I’m confused of…

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