The Abraham-Jacob Saga

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Everyone desires to have God’s mercy, to be able to be forgiven by God and our brothers and sisters is all we ask for. The Abraham-Jacob saga depicts how God reveals his merciful love for Jacob in a multitude of ways. His faith for God grew immensely and abundantly in his life. Which then leads Jacob to change how he lived his life and treated others. The transformation that Jacob experienced throughout his life with his faith gave him the opportunity to be with close with his brother. His desire for forgiveness and righteousness let him receive many blessing upon his family and himself. God’s mercy transfigured Jacob’s life and that of his family. Mercy and God’s merciful love have two different perceptions, the Lord’s merciful love …show more content…
When the time came Jacob apologized to his brother after years of no communication. As follows in Genesis 33:3, “He himself went on ahead of them, bowing to the ground seven times, until he reached his brother.” He feels shameful for what he had done, that he offered up his own possessions, so that his brother might forgive him. Genesis 33:11, “Do accept the present I have brought you; God has been generous toward me, and I have and abundance…” explains how Jacob was shown God’s goodness and wants to share it with those he loves and tries to make amends.

The merciful love God gave Jacob is an example of the merciful love every human can and will receive, if they follow the Lord’s way.
With the transformation of Jacob’s faith, also came with better relationships. After the decision to follow God, Jacob began to create a stronger bond with those close to him. The Lord gave him new name, a nation to lead. “You whose name is Jacob shall no longer be called Jacob, but Israel shall be your name.”(35:10).
The utmost notable part of Jacob’s apology mentions, as follows “… since to come into your presence is for me like coming into the presence of God, now that you have received me so kindly.”(33:10). Jacob holds his brother on a high thrown, he had stolen something he could not possibly return. Jacob represented one nation and Esau, his brother, represented another nation. Two nations were able come together again and heal

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