New Millennium Ideology

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“Christology for the New Millennium” First, “Christology is the theological study devoted to answering two main questions: Who is Jesus? (the question of his identify) also What is the nature and significance of what Jesus accomplished in the incarnation? (the question of his work). Now, the meaning of Millennium refers to the thousand-year reign, to anticipate that the new millennium will occur at some future time (Grenz 25, 79). With the meaning of both words in mind, Christology for the New Millennium seems to practice Christ in everyday life which be covered later in this paper. However, in preparing my paper on “Christology for the New Millennium,” after prayer on where to begin, two Scriptures came to mind, the first, …show more content…
5:19), that lets us know God is for us. In summary, that which is known as the clergy part of Christ in which He offered Himself up as a sacrifice to satisfy divine justice also reconcile us to God, is commonly called the atonement. However, the doctrine which sets it forth is commonly called the doctrine of the atonement. Therefore, that doctrine is at the very heart of what is taught in the Word of God. Atonement and the Cross are the focal point of God’s atoning work of Christ’s death on the cross. In the book of (Romans 5:10 NLT), Paul wrote “when we were enemies, we were reconciled to God by the death of His son.” These words not only define the meaning of atonement; they reveal the heart of the Gospel as …show more content…
No other reason can explain why “God reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ (2 Cor. 5:18 NLT).” Likewise, the anthem that continuously peals from the Bible is that “God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son (John 3:16 NLT).” And yet, this does not mean that God loves us considering Christ died for us. Rather, Christ died for us considering God loves us. On the grounds of atonement issues of love, it is always seen as a divine gift, never as human achievement (Guthrie 250-251). And yet, divine love is not sentimental or merely emotional, it is a righteous love which blazes out against all that opposes God’s will. Equally the doctrine of atonement is ransom, agape love, also victory over Satan. Jesus Christ death on the Cross was the substitution appeased the Father for the transgressions of the world. And still, Guthrie wrote about biblical images that described the meaning of the death of

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