Atonement Thesis Statement

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Thesis Statement
With there being many theories regarding the atonement, it not just one theory that can best explain the atonement; yet it is a more unified theory that most concisely and effectively explains the atoning work of Christ on the cross.
There are an overwhelming number of theories taking place in scholarly circles regarding the atonement. For every paper or article written on a specific theory, there is at least one that argues against it. It is the student 's position that the majority of most commonly held theories hold some truth, but that it is a more unified theory that can best explain and comprehensively describe such a complex doctrine as the atonement. The student will analyze the main theories of atonement
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So out of love and grace God sent His only begotten Son to serve as a substitute for mankind. This was done so that the righteous justice of God might be fulfilled and an eternal reconciliation might take place for all those who believe in Him. Perhaps it is one theory with multiple perspectives that does indeed make the most sense. It is from this basis that the student believes that a unified theory is more effective.

Conclusion Throughout this paper the student has provided clear evidence as to the benefit a unified theory of atonement would have on better understanding that which atonement was meant to accomplish and by what means. By providing a clear and concise understanding as the necessity of the atonement, one can better understand the role that Christ played in the process and what the needed outcome was. By providing the nature of atonement, it helped to better understand the three major theories of the atonement held by many Christian 's today. By providing all the aforementioned information, it is clear that one single theory cannot possibly explain all that was accomplished on the cross and how it was done. Only a more inclusive explanation as provided earlier can do so. Thus, the student has proven that a unified theory of atonement is indeed necessary and pertinent to its

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