Doctrine : What Christians Should Believe By Mark Driscoll And Gerry Breshears

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Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe by Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears
Chapter Summaries

Chapter One: Trinity: God Is

Humans seek unconditional love for ourselves and for others as well as to live in a perfect world. We are designed by God to need him and his perfect love. We are made to worship and love Him. God is one person, but He has three separate identities: not three separate beings. The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit are all one who is known as God. Jesus is also God, but we are not able to comprehend because our minds are limited. Unfortunately, mankind’s sin has turned man’s need for God’s love into a lust for the worldly things. God wants to have a personal relationship with humans, but demons, fallen angels, lure humans away from God. God is always around and knows all, and He seeks to have a personal relationship with mankind.

Chapter Two: Revelation: God Speaks
Only God can understand God. People want to know all like God, but man’s minds are too limited. God reveals himself in words, and in his image. The Doctrine of Revelation is God making himself known to man through Scripture. General Revelation is God revealing Himself in three ways: through the Word of God, general conscience and through His creation. God’s common grace gives man the chance at immortality.

Chapter Three: Creation: God Makes
Special revelation is when God has a personal relationship with man. Jesus was lead by the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit led the writers of the…

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