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  • Yahweh In The Pentateuch: Two Name Of God

    used, by any of the children of Jacob, at least in terms of what is in the biblical record. The writer of the Pentateuch carefully avoided any mention of the name Yahweh until this Theophany insinuates the Israelites’ spiritual situation. Moses’ knowledge of one true God is also vague. The conclusion can be reached from his five objections to God until God get angry and from Moses does not circumcise his son . God appointed circumcision as the sign of the covenant in Abraham’s day (Genesis 17:13), however Moses does not obey it. Moses spent forty years in Egypt palace and forty years in the wilderness. He has been isolated from his people and the God for long years. In this verse Moses asks God how he responds to the Israelites’…

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  • Analysis Of Conversation Between Yahweh And The Word Laken

    to suggest that vv11-12 are “God’s words of rebuke”, which is reinforced in vv13-14 as Yahweh’s “discordant” response (Stulman 150). Jones suggests that this is not correct, since v11 is reminiscent of the “familiar Hebrew idiomatic oath formula” (Jones 221) where Jeremiah replies to the curse with an oath. Floyd also disagrees with vv11-14 to be interpreted as God’s response, since the use of the word “laken”, which means “therefore”, shows congruence from the preceding unit (Floyd 411).…

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  • Jehovah In Christian Translation

    Specific names of God like Yahweh were essential to recite during prayer and lamentations so that it could be addressed by the correct God. Listing the Contents Marks The Revelation and experience of Jehovah article-Sykes Revealed- Brief Explanation of the Contents The name Jehovah is discussed in a manner that explains that God is a personal God and that Jehovah is the title that connects man to have a relationship with God. There is intimacy in the name Jehovah. When God says “I am” God…

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  • Yahweh In Wisdom

    Words were exchanged by the foreign nations to come to seek Yahweh. c. They come seeking training in how to live lives pleasing to the God of Jacob. The metaphors of Yahweh's “ways” and “paths” also appear in Psalms (e.g., 25:4, 9-10; 27:11) and in wisdom literature (e.g., Job 19:8; Prov 1:15) to convey human lifestyles in proper relationship to Yahweh. d. Tora and the word of Yahweh (just as it came to the prophets, (e.g. Joel 1:1) will be from Zion because of Yahweh's presence there.…

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  • Odysseus 3: 13-14 Analysis

    “YAHWEH” AND “I AM” EXODUS 3:13-15 Introduction There are many God’s names can be found in the Bible. These names in the Scripture are not merely denotative markers or labels, but also connote attributes and character. God reveals himself through different names in different stage. These names are not a random combination of sounds and words, but convey the…

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  • The Creation Of God In Genesis

    In the beginning this is where Genesis leads us to the establishment of the world. Genesis lays the foundation for the bible, human kind, and the nation of Israel. The introductory text gives an understanding on how the world should be perceived. The living word of God uncovers the character of God, the fall of man, meaning of marriage, and cultivation of mankind. There is a God, and there is none like him. Genesis chapter one gives proof that Yahweh is not apart of nature, but he is the…

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  • Aaron As A Leader Analysis

    After the Israelite’s were delivered by God through supernatural means (as they walked through the Dead Sea on dry land), Moses was requested by YHVH to meet with Him on the mountain. The purpose was to give the people His law and what would be required of them as God’s chosen elect. As Moses was gone for a significant amount of time the people got restless and demanded that Aaron make them a god of gold. In light of this treachery Aaron commanded that the people give of the spoils of their…

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  • Hellenism Vs Hebraism

    Western culture and civilization is the product of two world views. Hellenism and Hebraism are two very different worldviews but they also have some similarities. In one perspective everything is done for an almighty god in the other everything is done for glory. Both of them have gods but they do not have the same quantity and quality. One was created with organization and peace and the other was created through chaos. Even with their differences Hellenism and Hebraism coexist in Western…

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  • Max Webster's Analysis Of The Rise Of Monotheism: A Reconstruction

    miraculously, the Old Confederacy 's peasant militia repeatedly emerged victorious over its numerous enemies…..Accordingly, the status of their warrior god, Yahweh, ascended to great heights and sacrifices began to be offered to him. As Yahweh continued in later epochs to lead the Old Confederacy 's army of noble warlords to victory over the surrounding world empires, his status continued to rise dramatically.” So since Yahweh has been giving victory after victory to the Israelites they give him…

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  • Fear Of The Lord Analysis

    The Fear of the Lord Shedrack Wike BIB314 Book of Proverbs September 15, 2015 The Fear of the Lord According to Proverbs 1:7 it says, “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” Webster defines wisdom as accumulated philosophic or scientific learning; as in knowledge, judgment, and insight. In Proverbs the wisdom that is discussed there is the wisdom that only comes from God. There are different kinds of fear, and as…

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