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  • Yakuza Organized Crime

    document their criminal activities. The yakuza is one of the most notorious crime groups in the world, operating out of Japan. This research paper will discuss the rise of the yakuza, the crimes associated within the group, and finally the publics…

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  • Organized Crime: Criminal Activity And Criminal Structures

    example legal trades that are made in public. (Desroches 2015) The case of Yakuza, Japanese Mafia, dealings and a vast amount of fortune. This group is one of the biggest organized crime that is active in the world. Mitsuhiro Suganuma, a former employee of Public Security Intelligence Agency, interpreted a total amount of annual financial income of the Yamaguchi-gumi group through statistics. The estimated annual income of the Yakuza was 60 billion Euros, however, it can also be 11.6 billion…

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  • Russian Mafia Crime

    Russian Mafia: Soviet Crime in United States of America The Russian Mafia were a popular crime syndicate even posing as the greatest threat to the U.S. national security during the mid-1990s. With over 6,000 different groups around the globe, their activities are flown under the radar and limited action has been done to aware United States citizens. The Russian Mafia are commonly know as “Bratva” and still remain a trouble to America and it is important to understand their origins, the…

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  • Yakuza Case Study

    Yakuza Organized Crime Group Organized crime groups have long been a part of society and an uphill battle for law enforcement. They are powerful, dangerous, well-structured groups of criminals with a common motive to commit crimes, make money, and maintain their freedom despite their actions. The Yakuza’s in particular are an organized crime group from Japan, and one of the most well-known organized crime groups throughout various countries. In order to understand the Yakuza’s, it is important…

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  • Japanese History: The Tokugawa Period

    Throughout Japanese history, the police’s treatment towards that of Yakuza changed variously depending on the era. In Confessions of a Yakuza by Junichi Saga, you are treated to the story of a former yakuza boss and his life in the early 1900’s. Due to the nature of being a Yakuza, there was much interaction between them and the police. The police at this time had a real disliking towards the Yakuza as the corrupt cops would keep them on short leashes in exchange for looking way. Though if the…

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  • The Yakuza's Influence In Japan

    underworld that exists, and they are involved in many aspects of Japanese lives. They are the Yakuza’s. Currently in Japan it is estimated that there are over a hundred thirty thousand members of Yakuza and around a thousand kumi’s. In contrast, the United States has more than double the population of Japan but only 20,000 organized crime members in total. In Japan the numbers of the Yakuza’s have decreased on average by 0.5% each year from the peak in 2004. Yet they still have a large and power…

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  • Organized Crime

    A lower ranking member of the yakuza may have to take the place of a boss who is charged with a crime, and serve the sentence given regardless of whether it means prison time or not. This is a bureaucratic system, which operates for monetary gain and power. This system is complete, with scouts who search local hangouts in order to recruit members to the group, which begin on the lower rungs of the ladder. In all areas of organized crime, there are a lot of similarities between Japanese…

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  • Difference Between Domestic Terrorism And Transnational Terrorism

    There are two types of terrorist groups that can cause major problems for the United States. One group is known as domestic and the other transnational. In this paper I will describe the two groups and explain how different their methods are when it comes to terrorism. The difference between domestic terrorism and transnational terrorism is that domestic terrorism is homegrown which means the target, venue, and perpetrators are from the same country. This makes domestic terrorism a consequence…

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  • Ichi The Killer Movie

    cinemas.) The plot revolves around the titular character known to us by the audience as Ichi. After the brutal murder and clean-up of a crime boss (Anjo.) Ichi gets credited for the gruesome kill. A series of gory events happen in which push the boundaries of how the audience consume violence. Ichi becomes an assassin for Jijii after he psychologically manipulates Ichi to become a killer. The movie has quite a typical narrative structure that is seen a lot in Japanese cinema, most prevalently…

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  • Robert Moses Summary

    Mann assimilated the actual personal power with the networked power being formed and exerted by social relations. This power can be possessed and maintained by various social entities like organized crime rings such as mafia and yakuza, companies, and states, and the facet of their power are different from features of the each organization. These days, with the diffusion and development of social media and social network system over the whole organizations, flexible communication between the…

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