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  • Hillary Rodham Clinton's Early Life

    Hillary Rodham Clinton Life Hillary Rodham Clinton had been through a lot of things during her early childhood. She always been active in school and always making the honor rolls. She really have a tough dad in her life and really are strict on her. During her life there had been some changes in her life and who she really became who she was. In the paper it will going to talk about her early life, education details, career highlights and personal life highlights. Early Life Hillary Rodham’s childhood wasn’t so great she been through something’s. Hillary Diane was born on October 26, 1947. Hillary parents are tough on her and making sure is have enough education to purse her dreams. The life style Hillary is living in is kind of a boot…

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  • Summary Of Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior By Amy Chuan Parenting

    Chua and her parenting way In her article “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior,” which was published in the Wall Street Journal on January 8th, 2011, Amy Chua, a professor at Yale Law School, claims that children who are raised by Chinese mothers grows up to be more successful in their life and have a better future than those who are raised by Western mothers. Amy Chua states that Chinese parents spend most of their time on their kids’ academic activities, while Western parent spend most of their…

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  • The Challenges Of Hillary Clinton's 2016 Presidential Election

    considered a joke since last year. The president is the commander in chief, chief executive, chief of state etc. A good president should be brave, loyal, intelligent, and honest. During this election season, we have seen some candidate that do not have the qualities of a good president, but somehow have exceeded expectations and made it further in the season. Our democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, is a woman who knows the system and has been involved in politics for the past 35 years.…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Paper Rater

    Paper rater is a pain in the butt. It kept changing my scores, it would say one thing and then change it when i went back on. I don't like paper rater, i'd rather use something else. You’d fix one thing and then the other score would go down or the score you are trying to fix would go down or stay the same. Donald John Trump was born on June 14,1946 in Queens, New York City, New York. Hes currently 70 years old. He attended Kew-Forest School and graduated from The New York Military…

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  • Gilded Age Reflection

    One of my goals is to look for old newspapers from the past that shows coverage of sports. I would be would excited if I ever got to look at an old newspaper or book in the past, such as the books they mentioned in our textbook book (“The Law of Athletics”). I learned about the telegraph in my media and society class last year, so it was interesting to read that sports and newspaper journalists used to the telegraph to report on the results of athletic contests. They started reporting the news…

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  • Title IX And Women's Equality In Sports

    All throughout sports men have dominated the fields and courts. But, women have the right to play sports just as much as men do. That is why in 1972 law called Title IX was passed. This law requires both male and female’s in every school that receives federal funding to have equality. Not many people understood how many schools didn’t have equal facilities and tools for female programs. Federally funded institutes, in order to stay federally funded must comply with Title IX. The first thing they…

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  • The Four Traditions Of The UCC

    The Catholic Worker House where I volunteered was called Amistad Catholic Worker, and I think that the Amistad case illustrates the best of our Congregational History. A statue of Joseph Cinque stands outside City Hall on Church Street. The Beinecke and Divinity School Library both hold writings of Jonathon Edwards, and I was able to see them when I took a course on Jonathon Edwards while at Yale…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of College Pressures By William Zinsser

    “One of the few rights that America does not proclaim is the right to fail. Achievement is the national god.” The article “College Pressures” by William Zinsser makes several points about the stress placed on the shoulders of modern-day college students. William Zinsser is a master at Branford College, a residential college at Yale University. This article suggests several ideas on how college students should approach their future careers.The author of this article uses rhetorical situations,…

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  • Eero Saarinen: A Career In Architecture

    do anything but follow in [his] father’s footsteps.” His father’s influence was the driving force behind Saarinen’s (Jr.) choice to study at Yale University’s School of Architecture, where he graduated from in 1934 with Bachelors in Fine Arts. Following his graduation Saarinen (Jr.) was awarded the Charles O. Matcham fellowship, a grant that allowed him to visit Italy, Egypt, Palestine, Greece, Germany, Sweden, and eventually his home country of Finland, where he spent the year 1936 working…

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  • William Zinsser College Pressures Summary

    Lexie SR “College Pressures” Background William Zinsser was a Protestant, fourth-generation New Yorker, and a World War II sergeant. He earned degrees at multiple universities; two of them being in Indiana. He attended Rollins College, Wesleyan University, and the University of Southern Indiana. Zinsser was born October 7, 1922 in New York City. He married a teacher and historian, Caroline Fraser, in 1954. The…

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