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  • Rain Gutters Case Study

    Anything over a half an inch of rain in a 60-minute period is such a rare weather phenomenon; it is unrealistic to prepare for such a deluge. It is necessary to find the approximate square footage of each region of roof that will drain into a length of gutter. The commonly accepted practice is to place no less than one downspout for every 1,600 square feet of roof. Where the water is going is equally as important as how many downspouts are installed when deciding on how to install gutters. Homeowners need to be careful not to erode retaining walls, create drainage problems in a yard, or overflow retention ponds. The best place to aim a downspout is across a driveway or road, into a specially designed cul-de-sac, or out into an open area with good drainage capability. Additional downspouts are better, because they will handle more water during heavy downpours, plus disperse the water more evenly across the ground. Always err on the side of more downspouts if possible when determining how to install…

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  • The Big Grizzly Short Story

    only been coming out at night, and rummaging through their trash, and tearing up there yards. They have only seen it at night. They say it is a good sized bear. I have heard people say next time they see it they are going to kill it and if they don’t see it they are going to go hunting after it. Also people are leaving their houses because of the bear. In the beginning, people have been talking about a big grizzly. I hear it is a pretty good sized bear. A grizzly bear can get up to a good…

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  • My Mobility Experience

    ventured off on my own I decided to take a shortcut to attempt to catchup with my brother and sister quicker but as I sped up on my bicycle I lost track of my pace and my right foot got caught on the pedal causing me to crash. As the adrenaline wore off I was in severe pain which caused me to screech for help hoping that my brother and sister would hear me or possible a neighbor however, after several minutes of waiting and hoping that my brother and sister would come I noticed a women outside…

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  • Stand Frames: Netting Placement And Stand

    Netting Placement and Stand Frames Specifications and Use Netting Placement There are four 190 foot long nets connected between the two stands. There are two on the sides oriented vertically and connected to the upright supports. These two nets are connected at the bottom just above the bases of the stands and stretch four and half feet up the upright supports (figure 4). Another net runs the length of the longer of the two angled beams and is 12.5 feet in length, while another runs the length…

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  • The Importance Of Yard Sign

    Yard signs are an effective way to advertise a sale, welcome visitors or proclaim your patriotic pride. You can use yard signs for beautiful decorations too. The type of metal stake sign holder you use depends on the message you'd like to get across with your sign. Garage Sale When you're having a yard sale, you want to make sure that everyone can see your items. A Standard "H" Frame Wire Stakes Yard Sign is 10" x 30", and can easily fit a metal sign that has yard sale or garage sale written…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Salvage Yard

    The Salvage Yard I have been going to The Salvage Yard for about a year now, and I have seen many things. I have seen a man pretend to have a heart attack, so he could get some attention, I have witnessed someone decide to give his life to God, but what I saw last Sunday just filled my heart with infinite joy. The Salvage Yard is a place that feeds the homeless or just anyone that walks through the door. Most of the time it reeks of poor hygiene and smoke, and of course the stench of whatever…

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  • Oddly Shaped Yard Essay

    5 Landscape Solutions for Oddly-Shaped Yard! If you think your yard has an irregular or uninteresting design, embrace its imperfections with a striking landscaping idea, forming a pleasing and inviting area. The key to landscaping an oddly-shaped yard that’s tiny, narrow or not symmetrical is to embrace its quirks to accentuate the unusual shape of it. If you’re puzzled for finding solutions on how to landscape your oddly-shaped yard, take landscape solutions from the below mentioned points,…

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  • A Song In The Front Yard Analysis

    In the fifth line, Brooks declares that she “[wants] to go in the back yard now,” representing how she has now grown up enough and is ready to go out on her own. In the sixth line, she says that she may want to go “down the alley,” illustrating how she has become more rebellious than before and wants to experience even more than she did before. In the first stanza, Brooks only wanted to “peek at the back,” but now she wants to go in the back and go down the alley. The “alley” is used to…

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  • Junk Yards Research Paper

    A Few Key Points to Note about Junk Yards Junk yards are important for two things; towing away wrecked cars and selling the spare parts for those cars to whomever needs a quick and relatively cheaper fix. Undoubtedly, junk yards are highly important and very useful from an automotive stand point. As a matter of fact, they help in maintaining a safe and clean environment, which would otherwise be filled with countless damaged and wrecked automobiles, rusting their way out of existence. Everything…

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  • Yard Work Eye Injury

    With summer comes the routine of yard and garden care as well as backyard projects. Some people view this work as a chore, while others see it as a relaxing form of therapy. Whichever your outlook, you should be safety conscious when working with tools. The greatest danger of any yard work is the potential for an eye injury. The eye is an important yet fragile part of your body. It doesn't take much to cause serious harm. A flying fleck of glass or metal is sufficient to send you to the…

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