The Big Grizzly Short Story

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The Big Grizzly
Well, one warm day of the summer when all kinds of people are talking about a bear. They say that is has only been coming out at night, and rummaging through their trash, and tearing up there yards. They have only seen it at night. They say it is a good sized bear. I have heard people say next time they see it they are going to kill it and if they don’t see it they are going to go hunting after it. Also people are leaving their houses because of the bear. In the beginning, people have been talking about a big grizzly. I hear it is a pretty good sized bear. A grizzly bear can get up to a good size. I overheard one of the townsfolks and he said. “If I see that bear again I am going to put it down.” One of my friends said, “It has been going through everyone’s trash and
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We did not see anything. We went home and got some supplies and some meat. Then we went back to the ridge to set the trap and after that we went on with our day. Night came and I heard nothing from the bear. We went back the next morning and the mama and the cubs were in the cage. I called the DNR officer to come tranquilize it and he said, “Ok. Well I met him and took him to the bear and he drugged it up. It took a minute to knock it out but when it kicked in it fell right over. When we got back to the station the officer said, “This is the record for the largest bear ever killed.” The bear was no longer roaming the streets.
In conclusion, the bear is off the streets. The people are no longer scared to go out at night. Their yards are no longer messy. People are coming back to their homes because the bear is gone. People stopped hunting in that area. This shows what the bear has done and how it is now off the

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