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  • Short Story On Greekness

    Izzy woke during a morning like any other, got out of bed, ate breakfast, brushed his teeth, then set out for school. After about 10 minutes of walking he realized he was being followed. He sped up his pace, as there could be only only one reason for his current situation. "Maybe it's just a coincidence" , he told himself, mostly as an attempt to calm himself. It took him roughly 10 minutes to reach school on a normal day. 3 minutes to leave the safety of his street, then 7 if he went down Bluestone Blvd. or 5 if he took the shortcut through the park. "Lose in a marathon or lose in a sprint" , he thought but then Izzy saw a young boy with a red t-shirt and teal jeans on a bike. He was about Izzy's size with a round head, combed back hair and arms so small, they looked like they belong to an animated character. "Izzy!", cried the boy after recognizing his friend. The friend in question slowed down his pace, crossed the street and, much to the biker's surprise, threw his bag on the ground before breaking into a sprint. Jumping over Mr. Jefferson's fence was relatively easy when compared to the hurdles he had to overcome at school. A turn right and he was greeted by some branches at eye height, as well as a path, covered by a partial shade. Izzy couldn't enjoy the view, however, as his pursuers where getting closer by the minute. All he needed to do now was cross this path and hope that the gods smile upon him. Halfway through he heard the footsteps, thumping loudly on the bed…

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  • Personal Narrative: Jake's Journey

    too big for him, but it’s okay that means I did something right. On Mama’s other side was my brother Mo, he’s not my real brother, but ever since third grade he’s been like one. Even he took a break from his “work” to come to this game. My family, I wouldn’t ask for a better one. The team put me down I run to Mama, take her in my arms, the embrace warm and gentle. She can’t form words. She’s proud. Rus appearing behind “You still can‘t see me on the court MVP or not.” I laugh. Mo rushes from…

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  • Controversy Of Friends

    This is the laziest way I use “English”. I usually use this with whomever I text, whenever and wherever I need to. This requires a different style of English, where one abbreviates words. For instance, if I want to say the word “yeah” then I would abbreviate it to “ya” or “yea”. The name of this style of writing is leetspeak. The whole reason I use leetspeak when I text is because it helps me type faster. Commonly, I am in class and I need to type “Yeah, I will talk to you later. Goodbye.”…

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  • Oh Yeah ! Music Festival Analysis

    Live Music Matters announces the Oh Yeah! Music Festival, a one-day event celebrating live music, art, and community at the Lighthouse Place Premium Outlets® in Michigan City, Indiana. The extraordinary lineup includes Sam Trump, Natalie Oliveri, Slim Gypsy Baggage, Cole DeGenova, Sidewalk Chalk, two DJs, and live visual artists. Additionally, Oh Yeah! Music Festival offers a variety of interactive attractions featuring a Game Truck, Musical Instrument Petting Zoo, food trucks, craft…

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  • Peter Elbow's Ideas On The Process Of Writing: Analysis

    In the quote from Writing Without Teachers, Peter Elbow talks about his ideas on the process of writing. He says, “think of writing as an organic, developmental process in which you start writing at the very beginning – before you know your meaning at all – and encourage your words gradually to change and evolve” (Elbow). Elbow believes that you can’t know what you are going to discuss or to comment on until you are done writing and all of your thoughts finally come together to make sense. He…

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  • Mental Toughness In Sport Psychology

    The discussion of mental toughness has to be the number one discussed topic in sport psychology. It seems that everyone is on the same sheet of music agreeing that it’s vital to success, but it’s very debatable to "what is mental toughness?” All of the definitions of mental toughness in this article sound really tasty and easy to bite off on. However, I’m one who leaves nothing to chance and I think there is more to the definition than "sociable, outgoing, calm, relaxed, competitive,…

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  • Playboi Carti: Poem Analysis

    - Lil Uzi Vert:] Um yeah, I was just in Miami Yeah, guess who I fucked on the beach Yeah, guess who I fucked on the beach Yeah, guess who I fucked on the beach Yeah, Diamonds that's all in my teeth Yeah, VVS all in my ring Yeah, Chanel that's all in my feet, yeah Um, that's double C, yeah Walking with that pocket rocket Singing to your bitch like I'm Carl Thomas Looking at your chain, boy they false diamonds Looking at my chain, boy that's all diamonds I just went to 3 Peats, spent like 5…

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  • Unbreakable By Abby Liebler: Poem Analysis

    Unbreakable written by abby liebler I know it seems easy but in reality I'm afraid of everything I come across that's just the way I am So love me or hate me just know it won't break me You can't stop me from feeling all these emotions that I feel you can say what you want about me but it won't phase me so love me or hate me just know it won't break me because I'm unbreakable I'm unbreakable oooh I'm unbreakable ooh I'm unbreakable yeah I'm unbreakable yeah I'm unbreakable ooh I'm…

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  • Hollywood Music History

    ingredient that goes into the writing of the song - and that is the lyric, which is married to the music both internally and melodically – the two share a totally symbiotic relationship. Some writers have the ability to write both music and lyrics and others need to work in teams. Often asked of songwriters is whether the music or lyric come first? In most interviews with songwriters they say it can happen either way. Its also interesting to understand how intertwined both music and lyric are…

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  • Examples Of Observing Scenarios

    Interviewer: And, who else was at home with you guys? Interviewee: Uh, my godfather, and my girlfriend. Interviewer: Okay, and then how far did you go in school? Interviewee: 2 years of college. Interviewer: And then, what’s your plan in like five years? What would you want to be doing? Interviewee: Uh, I want a good job, I don’t know what job I would have. Interviewer: A job, with money and benefits. Interviewee: Yeah, that would be nice, and then a house a dog. Interviewer: What kind…

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