Short Story: The Boy Will Never Wow, Big Jake '

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3… 2… 1… I shoot my jumper and the buzzer goes off. The people in the stands all begin to chant at our victory, my team rushes me, gets a hold of me, and lifts me up into the air. “We did it!” I did it. Game MVP with 38 points, 6 assist, 10 rebounds, and now I got that full ride to the University of Kentucky that I’ve been working for. I look up and see Mama crying in her diner uniform, she made sure that when she finished her shift at the hospital that she called Walt’s Diner to tell Mr. Henry that she was going to come had to “watch me do my lil’ hoop thang” as she calls it because she hasn’t been able to make it to any other games working two jobs and all. Russell right beside her with my old jersey on, I laugh a little. The boy will never …show more content…
The story goes just like any other. The preacher’s son starts off selling dime bags just to help his family get by. The preacher, so devoted to his church an d the community, faith is all that he needs to get by but Jake couldn’t live like that. Family was motivation to get go and get money anyway possible. He worked down at Walt’s diner but it wasn’t making what he thought was enough, so serving became his second occupation. After both of his parents died in a car accident, at 19 he had nothing but the streets. He built an empire, got married at 28, and started a family. He couldn’t stop, the money was never good enough, although it was well over enough, but he wanted what was best for his family and he felt like he couldn’t. It was all for his family. “Big Money Jake”, the legend, my father. He did it all for …show more content…
I’ve been asked to ride before but I never did because I didn’t want to be compared to my father, but now, I realize that family is priority, and mine was in pain. After riding around the neighborhood for about an hour, we spot the car sitting in the way back of this driveway, I know this house. An old friend of my dad’s that I once used to refer to as my uncle Tone. I know Mo works under him, but it was then that I put the pieces together. Tone was with my dad the night the night he died, and was there for us when he was gone. He dated my mother for a while but she just couldn’t, it was disrespectful to her. Revelation.
Mask on, we rush the front door. BOOM! Dre’s kick bust the door down. Gun fire starts to pop off before I can even make it into the house. Adrenaline rushing, none of the bodies in the living room are the one I’m looking for. The bedroom, I open the door slowly and there he is just sitting on the bed. I enter. Gun aiming straight to his chest, “You look a lot like your father at that age.”
“Yea. I sho’ll do.” Pop pop pop, and he was

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