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  • Prison Nurseries

    Additionally, a mother and her child must develop a secure attachment so that the child can develop future relationships with other people, also, so that he/she can develop resiliency towards future stressful situations, and so that he or she can desist from future substance abuse and or crime involvement (Few-Demo & Arditti, 2013; Fritz & Whiteacre, 2016; Goshin & Byrne, 2009; Yager, 2015). More specifically, it is vital for both mother and child to remain together because in order to develop a secure attachment the child must ensure continuous and stable interactions with his/her primary care takers (Elmalak, 2015; Colin & Low, 1991), and a secure attachment is what ultimately allow the child adequately develop his adult life in a health way (Elmalak, 2015; Goshin & Byrne, 2009; JBara, 2013). Furthermore,…

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  • Spinal Cord Injury Paper

    for individuals that participated in an exercise program. Given the physical and psychological benefits of participation in sports, more emphasis and opportunities should be presented to people with spinal cord injuries The Impact of Secondary Health Conditions Although there have been many advances in healthcare that have contributed to an increased life expectancy in people with spinal cord injuries, many of these individuals continue to be at risk of developing secondary health conditions…

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  • Multitasking Research Paper

    Introduction Lord Stanhope’s letter illustrates the longstanding concerns about multitasking. Even the earliest education journals studied the issue of distractibility and spreading attention too thinly (Bailey, 1889; Denio, 1897; Henderson, Crews, & Barlow, 1945; Poyntz, 1933). With digital technology, not only has the issue persisted, there are concerns that the impact on learning is even greater than before (Bowman, Levine, Waite, & Gendron, 2010; Fox, Rosen, & Crawford, 2009; Levine, Waite,…

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  • The Negative Impact Of Health Promotion In New Zealand

    Though all of the programmes of the government on obesity, physical activities and nutrition, the advent of fast foods, junk foods, and colas contributes to an unhealthy nutrition of an individual. Having a sedentary lifestyle also adds to obesity (CDC, 2015). It is difficult for the government to eradicate these unhealthy choices of the people, but they are doing a great job since in the recent survey of the MOH on GRx, of 3000 respondents, 72 percent noticed changes positively in their health.…

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  • Early Years Curriculum

    The Early Years Curriculum has developed over time from 1944. The background of the progress of legislation and reports through the years will be shown in a timeline. The developments of provision within the UK will demonstrate the changes through the years and the adoptions made to enhance provision. The Early Years Curriculum since 1944 has been culminated through legislation and reports. From the start of 1944, The Education Act supported the concept of nursery education which leads to the…

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  • Value Of Homework

    Introduction Recognizing the value of homework and what it means to students is essential when developing a homework intervention. Considering the age of the students sampled and the demographic, it was also important to consider the pre-established research of parental participating and expectation for lower income families. Homework also needed to stay within the science discipline and the intervention strategy required thematic elements that reflect those of science standards. This…

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  • The Manifestations Of Resistance To Change In The Bpjs: Case Study

    4.4. Discussion Changes in the SJSN begin with the establishment of two Act as the legal basis, namely the SJSN Law 2004 and the BPJS Law 2011. The next phase was the implementation of health insurance through JKN programme in 2014. Then, the four other insurance programmes, such as pension programme, old-age savings, work accident insurance and life insurance, will apply in July 2015 and 2029. Changes in the social security system in Indonesia cover all aspects of the organisation, like…

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  • Social Cognitive Career Theory: Intrapersonal And Environmental Factors And Challenges?

    To elaborate further on social cognitive career theory (SCCT), Hackett, Lent and Brown (2000) discussed strategies for which SCCT counselors should navigate through their clients’ career obstacles. First, Hackett et al. (2000) stated that SCCT focuses on the interaction of individual aspects such as self-efficacy, result outcomes, and future goals, and how those interactions contribute to career development (Hackett, Lent, & Brown, 2000). To begin their evaluation, the authors analyzed…

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  • Safety Process: The Six Rights And Three Checks

    Safety Process: Six Rights and Three Checks The administration of medication is an integral component of the healthcare provision in the modern world (Koehler & Schwinghammer, 2008). It is necessary for nurses to understand the fundamental ideals that seek to safeguard patient safety and ultimately ensure safe outcomes in relation to the administration of drugs (Koehler & Schwinghammer, 2008). The observance of the Six Rights and Three Checks principles are an example of measures that are…

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  • Example Of A CAS Analysis

    For a CAS to operate most effectively it must operate in a space where creativity is not stifled by an over exercised level of control yet the system is not allowed to destructure and descend into chaos (Aydinoglu, 2010; Kim & Mackey, 2014; Marchi et al., 2014; Wang et al., 2015). The space a CAS best operates is often termed the edge of chaos and requires a system that is highly adaptive to maintain this position (Aydinoglu, 2010; Kim & Mackey, 2014; Marchi et al., 2014; Wang et al., 2015).…

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