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  • God Of Carnage Drama Analysis

    On September 30th I saw the preview of the production God of Carnage. It was written by Yasmina Reza and directed by Siena alumni, Shayne Peris. It was shown in the Beaudoin Theater in Foy Hall at Siena College. The play is about two married couples. The child of one of the couples hurt the child of the other one. They decide to meet to discuss what to do about the situation. What starts as a calm discussion, turns into a very heated debate. It turns into a very crazy evening for the two couples. I think that the purpose of the play is to show some great entertainment that includes a good amount of humor. The play has an interesting story, and it is funny to watch all of it unfold. As funny as the play was, there was a lot of serious situations…

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  • What Is The Suspension Of Tension In God Of Carnage

    God of Carnage is an undivided play. I disagree with Archer, in the case of this play, that lacking act divisions is a problem. I think this argument can change from play to play, but for God of Carnage specifically, there are several points I can think of to defend Reza's decision. Firstly, the play itself is too short to be divided into acts. Reza also neglects shorter divisions such as scenes and I think this is because the narrative of the flimsy guise of sophistication, the destruction of…

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  • The Mise En-Scene In The Movie Argo

    Argo (2012) is a movie directed and starring with Ben Affleck based on the history of the Iran Hostage Crisis in 1979. The crisis started when the Shah wanted to westernize Iran and it makes the Iranian people infuriate, when the majority people of Iran are Shia then the populace of Iran topples the Shah, deported cleric Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini take over Iran and his supporters start to act violent against people who refuse to comply their cleric and people who suspected to be American…

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  • Feminism In Persepolis

    Persepolis’s Place The Iranian Revolution took place in 1979, when Iran became a religious fundamentalist society and theocracy, changing the country as the Iranian people knew it. Clothing and fashion became centered around modesty as the new leaders believed that hair would stimulate and distract others. Children were enlisted—as young as age twelve—to go to war. The new theocratic government had a Supreme Leader who enacted legal changes, not for the will of the people, but for his own…

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  • Reza Pahlavi's Influence On Iranian Society

    Mohammad Reza Pahlavi began his rule in 1941, following in his father’s footsteps. The first several years in power were very turbulent and unstable. He was rejected and removed from his Monarch position for a temporary period of time in 1953. He resumed power with the help of a US CIA and British backed coup. Many Iranians were not happy with the outside involvement by the United States and the hypocrisy of self-determination and democracy. Anti-western resentment was building. During this…

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  • Iran Revolution 1979

    powerful religious disagreement and anger that arose in rebellion in the 1970’s, a revolution that created the religiously centered nation known as the Islamic Republic of Iran. The country of Iran grew into its potential for an Islamic takeover throughout most of the twentieth century, perhaps beginning with the rise of Reza Khan, the creator of the “Pahlavi monarchy” after his failure to “set up a republic,” when he overthrew the Qajars in 1921. The monarch kept his rule for about two…

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  • Radical Revolution Definition

    class structures, and of its dominant ideology. Moreover, social revolutions are carried through, in part, by class-based upheavals from below” (Rentier State and Shi’a Islam 265). The Iranian Revolution is a social revolution because it involved lower-class citizens overthrowing Iran’s monarchy under the Shah’s rule. Prior, to the revolution Iran was under Reza Kahn rule. He was the colonel of an expert military compel who seized control in a coup d 'état and expanded his armed force to assuage…

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  • Muffar Al-Din Shah Influence

    have made Iran extremely wealthy, but only assisted Britain instead. However, without the help of foreign powers, the country would have never been able to gain access to the natural resource without Britain’s technology. Once Reza Khan rose to the throne as Shah, he was angered by the amount of resources and money that was being received back from the British. Thus, this caused Reza Shah to revoke the D’arcy Concession which only angered and shocked Britain. “They appealed to the League of…

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  • Analysis Of Persepolis

    2. At first when young she beliefs she is a prophet of God but later as revolution progresses she feels anger and develops a negative attitude towards revolution and God. 3. The Cinema is burnt down and police guard the door preventing rescue. Rex used to show modern movies which was against government’s wish. 4. She believed that for any successful demonstration or revolution the entire population must participate. The Water Cell 1. The illustrations shows how revolution begin as the people…

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  • Women's Rights In Islam

    “Up close, the heft of the heavy folds of fabric becomes noticeable when a husband beats his wife with a stick for standing still as a foreigner comes near,” ‘Small Steps’ for Afghan Women’s Rights. Usually, that would be a punishment if the Islamic women didn’t obey their husband. If an Islamic woman is not married, and still living within her parent households, the oldest male figure (normally the father) is responsible and is able to control their children or wife’s life as he pleases. “I…

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