God Of Carnage Drama Analysis

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On September 30th I saw the preview of the production God of Carnage. It was written by Yasmina Reza and directed by Siena alumni, Shayne Peris. It was shown in the Beaudoin Theater in Foy Hall at Siena College. The play is about two married couples. The child of one of the couples hurt the child of the other one. They decide to meet to discuss what to do about the situation. What starts as a calm discussion, turns into a very heated debate. It turns into a very crazy evening for the two couples. I think that the purpose of the play is to show some great entertainment that includes a good amount of humor. The play has an interesting story, and it is funny to watch all of it unfold. As funny as the play was, there was a lot of serious situations …show more content…
These elements are what help an audience feel they are in the story taking place in front of them. It is what really makes the play come alive. One production element that brought the play to life for me was the set. The set was portrayed as a living room area. It was very well done. I think that the set designer was going for an abstract effect and that was accomplished. It was very unique which, again made this play so intriguing. It was black and white with these shards on the walls. The shards made the lighting effect so much better. The lighting in the play was another aspect that I thought was very important. The lights would go off the mood of the play. This is something that definitely brought the play to life. Since the set was set up in the black and white funky layout, the lighting really enraptured the whole scene. As an audience sometimes we ignore how important this part of a play really is. The director and set designer built a lighting scheme that adds to the drama of the play and intensifies the emotions. We often just attribute to the actors or the action. Lighting can make a scene feel happy, sad, mysterious and

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