Medea Play Analysis

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Play Review For my play review I chose Medea, originally written by Euripides and redone by director Robert Whitehead in 1982. The play Medea is about a wife betrayed by her unfaithful husband, Jason who marries Clauce, the King of Corinths daughter. Medea and her two sons are then exiled by Creon the King of Corinth in fear that she may cast some spell or evil doing upon his land and daughter. Medea’s heart has already turned cold by the loss of her husband to another woman and the loss of her own home. Her sadness turns into a plot for “justice” for the tragic events that has been put on her. Medea makes a deal with Jason and gives him permission to keep their two sons and raise them in Corinth. Being that her sons are exiled as well she …show more content…
Medea who was the main character was effective because she had an evil yet charming personality, it was very seldom to know what she was thinking or any plan she had in her mind. A great example would be when she gave her precious gifts to her sons, to give to Jason’s new wife but the items were poisoned and killed the girl and her father, the King. I think I personally enjoyed how Medeas personality was almost bi polar, she would go from pleading and begging to threatening and speaking words of hate. This made the play very interesting and kept me engaged. Jason, was a strong military man full of adventures. He was effective in this play because his personality was much like an open book. I knew he married Creon 's daughter for power over their military and to be heir for the crown of Corinth. He cared for Medea but his future and sons were much more important. An example of this was when the King Creon came an exiled Medea and her sons but Jason came and tried to help her find refuge. He also wanted to keep the boys with him and raise them himself. I liked how you could pity Jason even though he was unfaithful, he wasn’t the true evil one and he still had some type of heart, this made him a complex …show more content…
They managed to pull off the entire production using one set which looked and fit the play perfectly. I liked how everything was set up because it worked in with the what was going on in the play whether characters were leaving or entering the stage, it all looked real. The main character Medea played by Zoe Caldwell was amazing, she really brought this scorned hatred filled wife to life. I really enjoyed her performance altogether it really had me hooked once I started watching the play. A weak element to me in the play that I noticed were the three ladies of Corinth. I didn’t like their staging and I felt as if they were just there in the background without a purpose, it almost felt awkward. The nurse had more of an intimate relationship with Medea and could have incorporated some of the parts that the three ladies had into her lines.
In my opinion the overall meaning to this play is a women scorned can be very dangerous. Medea was hurt by her husband and out of anger and revenge she killed his sons which broke Jason. The death of their sons was symbolic because it represented their love. The innocent perfect love that Medea had for her husband was indescribable but when she was betrayed she sought for justice. When she killed both of her sons it represented Jason 's love being dead just like hers is for Jason, almost like an exchange of energy and emotions. This way he felt everything

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