Corruption Of Xenos In Odysseus

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Register to read the introduction… Yet both men are very human when it comes to their faults and both can be seen and the anti-hero. Odysseus can be seen as such because is the new form of hero, the think before you kill, type of hero. His craftiness and tricks can come off as cheating or as not honorable. The corruption of the ideal of xenos is seen in both men's actions. Odysseus' actions of wronged xenos can be seen is the following quotation from Book Nine of The Odyssey: "I'd brought along a skin of wine that we'd been given as a gift. It was so strong that we usually diluted it in water twenty to one. The Cyclops tossed it back and then demanded more. 'I like you, Greek,' he said 'I'm going do you a favor. What's your name?''My name is Nobody,' I told him.It turned out that the favor he intended was to eat me last."" Both Odysseus and the Cyclops show twisted use of xenos, Odysseus does this through tricking the Cyclops into getting drunk, lies about his true name and he uses trickery to battle the creature instead of brute strength or honesty. Jason's corruption of xenos occurs when he and his men land on an island in the dark and end up battling and killing their former …show more content…
Like Odysseus, he too was not anywhere near the idealized hero that Achilles was. Jason's character can been viewed as a treacherous man or an anti-hero because of his actions in reference to Medea, his wife. As most of his achievements can be chalked up to Medea's help his treatment of her is quite despicable. Medea did a great many things for Jason so that he would eventually grow to great fame and succeed in his endeavors. She betrayed her country and her father, helping Jason to cope with the brazen-footed bulls and the sown men, and leading him to the Golden Fleece, which was guarded by a sleepless dragon, whom she lulled to sleep by art and drugs. And when they left Colchis chased by her father, she murdered her own brother Apsyrtus, so that Aeetes, would fall behind to give his son a proper burial. Unfortunately, Jason came to believe that Medea could be advantageous in some situations, but his marriage to her was a bad idea. Therefore he reasoned that once he was leading the life of peaceful citizens of Corinth, she could be seen rather as a foreign barbarian and an aged witch. Which from his logical reasonings Jason becomes eager to continue building his kleos, forgot his promises and all her help, and decided to dispose of Medea, his lawful wife, by marrying the younger princess Glauce , daughter of King

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