The Devils Are Here, Comes The Rain, Four Stalls Play Analysis

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I attended the Richland Writes play, which took place at Richland College on February 19, 2017. Richland Writes was a play festival. There were in total of 8 plays, each being 10 minutes long. Every play had a different story line, characters, costumes, and background. All of the “plays” were written and performed by Richland College students.
A significant characteristic of a good play must be able to capture the audience’s attention in the first 1-2 minutes, so they will be on board for the rest of the play. As the play continues it must keep the audience's attention, which I felt a couple of these plays lacked. When I first read the prompt of the essay assignment, I immediately felt like a movie director who goes
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The acting was very marvelous. The story line of each play was clear. I understood what was going on the whole time. The storylines of these plays were also very interesting. I followed along with each play and felt as though I was apart of the cast. From what I know the cast must be comfortable with the stage. They must use hand movements and their tone of voice to impress the audience, along with keeping the audience on board with what goes on. I felt the cast of these plays were very comfortable with the stage. They did an amazing job of keeping me awake and “on track” with what was going on. As I said before with the play Lovely Muse, my emotions were “in sync” with the characters play. I felt “in sync” emotionally throughout these plays. The characters really had me attentive.
Furthermore, these plays all had a powerful meaning behind them and that made my experience very pleasant. I loved “the lessons behind the plays.” They made the storyline of each play meaningful to me. It reminded me of children being prepared for the future with silly stories. In one play it showed what highschool is like, Four Stalls, and in another it shows what a simple mistake could do to a person, Catharsis, and last but not least a hell, The Devils are Here. All these plays have a connection to life, which had an effect on me. It was perfect first experience due to it being mainly about
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All the plays had great storylines and a great cast for every play. I only wish they did a better job of keeping me my attention in a couple if the plays. I would definitely love to watch another play festival at Richland College, especially if they have storylines like they did with this play festival. I would really like to see one full play as well. I feel like I would enjoy that more because I could focus on one story rather than switch off every 10 minutes. Overall it was an amazing experience. The students did a great job. Although I did leave the theater a little drowsy, I was still pleaseased with the playwright

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