Character Analysis Of Fuddy Meers

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On the evening of Saturday October 8th, the cast of the play Fuddy Meers took the stage and put on a unique and exquisite performance. The play took place in the Temple Theatre which I found was a highly interesting venue. There were several different elements that I found greatly intriguing during the course of the ninety minute performance, however, there were a few elements that I felt were also lacking.
The first element that I believed helped to add significance to the performance was the stage setup(1). The revolving setup of the stage was perfect for this play and it allowed much versatility for the characters during specific instances. For example, when the characters were seen driving in the car to different locations, the stage
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There was quite a bit more of foul language(7) than I expected, but it helped add more a more real effect to the conversation. I feel like a little of that type of language is acceptable, but it was used more excessively than what was actually needed. Another aspect that did not work well in my opinions was the fight and violence scenes(8). I did not think that the actions were exceptionally well acted out and they could have used more practice. Fighting scenes like that are hard to act out because they have to be so specific and rehearsed, but that part of the play just did not seem real to me. When specific characters had to use certain accents or voices(9), I felt like it was hard to understand what they were saying exactly. For example, Gertie had a confusing and perplexing type of language that was incredibly well executed on her part, but it was hard to always understand what she was saying. She had started speaking like that after she had a stroke which is a logical side effect, however, it was just difficult to comprehend. The final element in this play that I believe did not work exceptionally well was the references to weed(10) and getting high. I understand it helps the play to become more like a real-life scenario, but I did not enjoy how there was specific connotations made throughout the performance.
Overall, I found that the play Fuddy

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