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  • The Devils Are Here, Comes The Rain, Four Stalls Play Analysis

    marvelous. The story line of each play was clear. I understood what was going on the whole time. The storylines of these plays were also very interesting. I followed along with each play and felt as though I was apart of the cast. From what I know the cast must be comfortable with the stage. They must use hand movements and their tone of voice to impress the audience, along with keeping the audience on board with what goes on. I felt the cast of these plays were very comfortable with the stage. They did an amazing job of keeping me awake and “on track” with what was going on. As I said before with the play Lovely Muse, my emotions were “in sync” with the characters play. I felt “in sync” emotionally throughout these plays. The characters really had me attentive. Furthermore, these plays all had a powerful meaning behind them and that made my experience very pleasant. I loved “the lessons behind the plays.” They made the storyline of each play meaningful to me. It reminded me of children being prepared for the future with silly stories. In one play it showed what highschool is like, Four Stalls, and in another it shows what a simple mistake could do to a person, Catharsis, and last but not least a hell, The Devils are Here. All these plays have a connection to life, which had an effect on me. It was perfect first experience due to it being mainly about…

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  • Soldiers Home Movie Analysis

    In the story, Krebs is narrated to be a depressed and somber person who has lost his ambitions in life after returning from World War I. As I have discussed, the storyline is mostly unchanged in the movie version. Besides the addition of Kenner and the dance that Krebs goes to. I think that Kenner and the dance were both good additions to the storyline. Because Krebs did not go into as much detail about his feelings on women in the movie, the dance scene served to show that Krebs was unwilling…

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  • Horror Films

    Carrying on this point my film will also include bringing in real life situations that many people fear to create twisted and horrifying storylines out of them. This gives them the sense of ‘What if this was to happen to me?’ or ‘Could this really happen?’ This allows the audience to feel an even greater fear as this story line could follow very realistic story lines. Also bringing in the last point which says “a bad or mischievous person, especially a child.” This is a very important feature in…

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  • The Notebook, By Nicholas Sparks

    each other and go beyond themselves to make each other happy. In the end there is a similar way of them showing how much they care for each other. While reading this book I noticed that Noah comes from a rough lifestyle just like Sparks did as a child. I can relate to the idea of not being able to communicate to somebody who you care for after spending a summer with them. While reading I noticed the story started out with less background than I expected. That 's a weakness because the reader…

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  • The Storyline Analysis

    Summary Of The Storyline Billy McMahon (Vince Vaughn) and Nick Campbell (Owen Wilson) are looking for jobs after losing their positions as salesmen when their employer falls out of business. Billy applies for an internship at Google for both of them, and they are accepted because of their “out of the box” interview answers, despite a lack of experience; they are the only interns not of traditional age. They spend the summer competing in teams against other interns in a variety of tasks. Only…

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  • What Makes Mediocre Movies

    Fantastic movies need a great storyline, realistic visual effects, and suitable actors. I believe that in order to have a successful movie, it needs an easy to follow yet mind blowing storyline. If movies get to…

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  • Professional Wrestling Essay

    decline of the storyline in modern professional wrestling programs while observing wrestling storylines how professional wrestling relates to society. Sammond writes, “Wrestling, of course, offers no such moral comfort. Week after week, it seems, no one learns anything from its excesses of violence, sexuality, and general moral turpitude. It has become, at the dawn of the twenty-first century, utterly, intentionally, and exuberantly gratuitous.”)Sammond, 3-4) Sammond introduces the series of…

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  • Analysis: Grand Theft Auto V, Dark Souls And Counter-Strike

    V, Dark Souls III, and Counter-Strike. I am going to evaluate their image quality, Storylines and degree of freedom. First, image quality is very important to decide the game is good or bad. “Image quality is an important component of visual fidelity. Moreso than shading techniques, lighting, depth of field, smoke effects, particle effects, physics, and texture quality is this: resolution and anti-aliasing” (BobHipJames). Image quality is a very important factor in deciding the game is good…

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  • Analysis Of Night Circus, By Erin Morgenstern

    Imagine being seated in an auditorium, watching a magician perform seemingly impossible tricks of magic. Little does the audience know, the magic is real. Night Circus, written by Erin Morgenstern, is a fantasy novel revolving around two young magicians in a Victorian-era world where the existence of magic is highly doubted. However, not everything is just fun and games. With the magicians' mentors forcing a competition upon the two, both characters fight for their independence to be together.…

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  • Knot's Landing Character Analysis

    comes over to the “hotel” and finds Gary and Abby sleeping together. She tells Gary to leave, when Val shows up and runs away after seeing what is going on. (34) Laura and Jason come home to Richard, he is happy to see them; (35) Val gets home and starts packing up her things. Gary gets home to try and stop her from leaving, but Val ignores him and drives off into the night. Part II: Analysis - The structure of a television episode is very important to the flow of the episode. Almost all serial…

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