The Side Show Play Analysis

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“Come and look at the freaks,” are song lyrics from “The Sid e Show” and that is what the play is about, freaks. The Siamese twins were called freaks simply because they were joined together by a piece of flesh. “The Side Show” was a very great play. Since it was a musical, I knew I would enjoy it. I do not think there was one thing I did not enjoy about the play. The reason I enjoyed the play is because the story about the freaks was very vivid and understanding. The actors, costumes, music, designs were all amazing. The director, casts, and staging were all great.
The director of the play is Adriano Cabral and he did a fantastic job. In order for the play to be a play, a director is needed to organize and make nothing become into something. The casts did a wonderful job also. The twins, Daisy and Violet Hilton, even
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There was not a lot of set changes, but when there were changes, they were done quickly and quietly. There were a bit of lighting changes and they were exactly on time. If there was an actor that had a single moment then light were ready to be shined on him. Spotlights were perfect through the play. The sound quality met my standards also. I think since “The Side Show” is a musical then all of the aspects music had to be up to par. The costumes and the music drew most of my attention.
The production of the play also deals with the designs of the performance. All the costumes were amazing, but my favorite costumes had to be the fortune teller. Her corset was cute, but the costume fitted her personality. She wore the costume, she did not let the costume wear her. The costumes were very detailing and interesting. The color scheme was not too bright or too dark. It was just right during every moment of the play. The songs that the casts sung were very catchy, musical, and some were even emotional.
All around the play was very good and entertaining. I would encourage everyone to see the

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