Pahlavi dynasty

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  • The Pahlavi Dynasty: The Bolshevik Revolution

    The Pahlavi dynasty ruled Iran from 1925 until 1979, when the monarchy was overthrown as a result of the Iranian revolution. The Pahlavi dynasty was founded by Reza Shah Pahlavi in 1925, a former Brigadier-General of the Persian Cossack Brigade. The elder Pahlavi reigned until 1941. He was succeeded by his son Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, the last Shah of Iran. Following the Russian Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, the Russians no longer considered Iran as a prized territory. This left the British as the sole Great Power in Iran. In 1919 the Iranian Parliament refused a British offer of military and financial aid that effectively would have made Iran into a protectorate of Britain. The British initially did not want to withdraw from Iran but caved-in to international pressure and removed their advisers by 1921. In that same year British diplomats lent their support to Brigadier Reza Khan. In 1921 Reza Khan took control of all military forces in Iran and in 1925 Reza deposed King Ahmad…

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  • King Tutankhaman's Death Theory

    Over the course of the years, King Tutankhamen’s (also known as King Tut) death has remained a mystery. Many theories have been put forth, but still, the cause of his death is unknown. Some theories suggest that King Tut was murdered while other theories suggest that his death was an accident or an illness. The top three theories are the theory of Aye, the theory of Horemheb, and the theory of natural death. During the reign of Amenhotep IV (also known as Akhenaton), Egypt was catastrophic. The…

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  • Summary: The 1979 Islamic Revolution

    American influences in Iran occurred in 1922, during the Pahlavi dynasty (Hayati and Fattahi 317). American experts would spend several years on helping to further establish socio-economic development within Iran, working with the Pahlavi dynasty (317). Education and infrastructure were developing in Iran, as more universities and libraries began to open and serve the…

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  • The Last Shah Of Iran Case Study

    The last Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, had a solid group of supporters and a continuous group of adamant opposition. His opponents were against and hostile toward his actions and policies of attempting to secularize and progress Iran towards modernity. The fundamentalist’s of Iran vehemently disagreed that Iran should have ties to the West. To their dismay, the Shah of Iran strengthen ties to the West and particularly to the United States of America after the 1953 Iranian Coup. The CIA…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Iranian Women

    better over time but they are still way far behind and it’s not right. And sure there is still a problem with women’s rights and the sexism all over the world, even here in the United States. But if you go to Iran or a lot of these countries in the Middle East it’s like going back in time. Nobody should be treated how Iranian women are. Over hear in the United States we treat prisoner better than Iranian’s do Iranian women. This needs to change. In this paper I’m and going to discuss the role of…

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  • Ali Shari Ati: Ideologue Of The Iranian Revolution

    legitimacy; Iranians felt that imperial powers controlled their leaders—which in fact they did. For example, it was the British who helped Reza Khan rise to power just as it was the CIA with Britain’s MI6 that overthrew Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh in the 1953 coup, fearing that the “wily Oriental” was a threat to their power. This rising discontent in a modern working class that had grown to half a million strong became increasingly problematic for the Shah in the years leading up to the…

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  • Daughter Of Persia Character Analysis

    history. It is said that history explains the interaction between man and the environment, while biographies explain human interaction. (Haslam) Some potential disadvantages could be learning Saittis personal biased opinion. You learn how she feels about the government and you can’t be positive that what she wrote is true. “At the time of my birth, the Qajar dynasty still ruled Iran, and my father, though political moderate and a firm supporter of the democratic Iranian constitution, was…

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  • The Importance Of Opposition To The Shah

    The Shah, in response, states in an article that Khomeini has behaved in a licentious manner and has worked in the interest of Great Britain, this sparks revolt and rioting on January 13, 1978. Dissidence and unrest continued through 1978 and in early December upwards total of 9 million people all over Iran march against the Shah and his monarchy (Kurzman, 2004). In an effort to calm the hostilities the then Prime Minister Shapour Bakhtiar urged Mohammad Reza Shah to leave Iran, on January 16,…

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  • Iranian Constitutional Movement

    period, Iranians tried to shift the policies of their government in the benefit of the people. During the Pahlavi period, Iranians achieved a relative modernization and development. However, they still did not have political freedoms and development. For many Iranians, the Islamic Republic was meant to carry the positive aspects of the Pahlavi dynasty while ending its negative aspects such as lack of political freedom. Even though the Islamic…

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  • What Role Do Martyrs Play In The Iranian Revolution

    The importance of martyrs to Shi’a Muslims can be seen even in modern times. The idea of martyrdom and the story of Hussein and Yazid played an important role in the Iranian Revolution, by encouraging people to become a part of the revolution. It is important to know that in Iran 90-95% of its population is Shi’a Muslims. Shi’a Muslims know the story of Hussein and understand the importance of his sacrifice. This sacrifice can be seen when analyzing the Iranian Revolution. The Iranian…

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