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  • Fighting To The End The Pakistan Army's Way Of War Analysis

    Fighting to the End: The Pakistan Army’s Way of War (Oxford University Press, 2014) C. Christine Fair, PhD., one of the foremost South Asian experts, has made Pakistan army the subject of her book: Fighting to the End: The Pakistan Army’s Way of War. The overarching theme, resonating with all the eleven chapters in the book, depicts the Pakistan army as central to all the misfortunes befalling the country. Fair accentuates the overbearing presence and consequent ruinous decisiveness of the Pakistan army in military, economic, political and diplomatic arenas. Furthermore, Fair contends, that the contestation between India and Pakistan has been predominantly orchestrated by the Pakistani army. In a nutshell, Fair delineates that most countries have armies; however, the Pakistan army retains…

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  • The Importance Of Pakistan In Pakistan

    sacrificed for this piece of land, Pakistan is country for which my ancestors have sacrificed their lives, happiness and even their property. This country is not a piece of a land for me it is my identity, when your ancestors gave their life, property, money and even their happiness then this country just not remains a piece of land but actually it is a name for our emotions . I love Pakistan and I want to highlight this point that a human cannot love a piece of land, a human cannot give his…

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  • Pakistan War Assignment

    due to the threat of India that led Pakistani leaders to take military assistance from US army. Since the inception of Pakistan, the economic and political ties observed between the two countries. Also in 1950, instead Liaqat Ali Khan would visit Moscow is turned down and choose to visit the United States. Since then Pakistan has played the role of a close ally of the US. The military assistance of about $508 million given to Pakistan by the US. Pakistani military at this time was lucky to…

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  • Analysis Of Midnight's Children

    Midnight’s Children The history of India and its neighbouring countries, Pakistan and Bangladesh, is a rich and luminous tale as it encompasses the countless successes and hardships each country experienced during its development as independent entities. In 2012, Deepa Mehta, an Indo-Canadian film director with a screenplay by Salman Rushdie, a British Indian novelist, produced the film “Midnight’s Children.” Together they brought to the screen a magical yet historical tale on the partition of…

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  • The War Of 1971 And The Indo-Pakistan War

    The war that I have decided to focus on for the purposes of my paper is the India-Pakistan war, more specifically the war of 1971. India and Pakistan have always been confronting each other due to their opposing ethnic, religious and political differences. The war of 1971 was the third war between India and Pakistan and the origins of this war were different from previous wars. Since the partition of British India and Pakistan in 1947 there have always been constant conflict and tension. The…

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  • The Fall Of East Pakistan Case Study

    Introduction On August 14, 1947, as a result of 3rd June plan, a new state in the world came into existence known as Pakistan. This state was divided into two wings-the East Pakistan and the West Pakistan. From the creation of Pakistan, the Eastern wing was constantly at stake and it faced many problems such as issue of capital, difference of language, Ayub Khan’s biasness, his policies regarding East Pakistan, six points presented by Sheikh Mujeeb-ur-Rehman and the influence of Indian…

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  • Cia's Argument Against The Fairness Of Drones In Pakistan

    because the people on the armed conflict territories risk their lives so it is unfair to them. Additionally, more developed countries have more choice of weapons, which may be also much more advanced than the weapons available, for example in Pakistan. Pakistan is poorer country than the U.S. so their means to defend themselves are weaker comparing to the means of the attackers with hundreds of drones loaded with the newest technology and sensors available all around the world. It is also…

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  • The Culture Of Pakistan Essay

    Pakistan and its Culture: Pakistan is a country that is located in South Asia and is a relatively new country. Although Pakistan has only been a country since 1947, the history in the area goes back thousands of years. A lot of the culture in Pakistan has been based off that history, and has some diversity due to that history. Understanding the culture of a country helps the military associate with the people in that country and builds good public relations. Political and Military: Pakistan’s…

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  • Hari Singh's War In The War Of Kashmir

    impossible. Kashmir was positioned on the border of India and Pakistan. While Singh was holing out, Kashmir was invaded in August of 1947 by armed raiders from the North West Frontier province and by troops from the Pakistani Army. Singh was forced to seek military protection from India, and the Indian-Pakistani War of 1947 was underway. The Pakistani forces entered Kashmir quickly by defeating Singh’s weak ground troops. Peter Lyon, an international relations researcher, says, “Some British…

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  • The Importance Of Corruption In Pakistan

    What baggage does the current administration in Pakistan carry? Have they ever been accused of being corrupt? Any scandals? What effect does that baggage have on the people? How do the media influence/expose corruption? How free is the media to expose corruption? From the time that Pakistan was created there have been many corrupt leaders, such as the previous President Asif Ali Zardari, however the current President Mamnoon Hussain is not corrupt. According to, "Mamnoon Hussain…

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