Pale Fire

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  • Stylistic Devices In Lolita Cues

    The picture of persuasion Vladimir Nabokov paints throughout Lolita cues the reader through its language, stylistic devices of repetition, metaphor and alliteration. This passage is no exception as the readers is thrown into a pool of ambiguity, left to their own devices and the seduction of Humbert Humbert to discern what is right or wrong? Worthy of forgiveness? Is Charlotte’s death Humbert’s fault? There are no clear answers and this is precisely what makes good literature what makes Lo lee ta the demonic nymphet. The passages weird interview which Humbert mentions is with the driver of the car who hit his wife and the offering of funeral payments he gives. His acceptance of the offer throws the ‘gentlemen’ off and foreshadows the way Humbert plays with us the audience as we are too thrown of by offers of innocence and guilt. Charlotte’s killer is refereed to as a gentlemen and although his offer of funeral payments is indeed kind it also superficially material and his surprise at Humbert’s acceptance indicates perhaps a want not to pay but rather as a feign of the societally correct behaviour. One must also not forget the fact that the man is indeed the killer of Charlotte and the note that he is a gentlemen although hierarchically true as the murderer of your wife you would think would be seen as the complete opposite. Or perhaps Humbert sees it as a favour that the man has done for him or Nabokov is playing with the idea of what he has painted a gentlemen to constitute…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Night Like A Vivid Dream

    My mom said the nurses were going to leave him in the bed until we got there so I could see him for the last time. Once we got there the nurses then told us that they weren’t able to leave him there so he was put in the freezer downstairs where they keep the bodies. I remember the trip down the long hallways like my worst nightmare. The pale grey walls smelled of antiseptic and it was colder than the rest of the hospital. The halls seemed endless and the walk there was the more agonizing than…

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  • Reflective Essay: Disappointment And Guilt

    over his arms. I saw a pale stoic face, yet he looked to be in sheer peace. My mom was next to me holding my hand, waiting for my response as if I were going to collapse. I reached out to touch his hand and the heart monitor started to race as if it were a car’s revving engine. This was when I looked up to see his eyes open for the first time. Relief washed over me. Everything around me disappeared into thin air. I could no longer see the pale white walls. I could no longer see the wired…

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  • Budweiser's 2015 'Lost Dog' Super Bowl Commercial Analysis

    In today’s society we are constantly being pulled and prodded towards new products that are being advertised to say that they will be beneficial to our lives. In the end, they really do not. The truth being we are persuaded though many different channels. Some of the channels that are used can be entirely nonverbal. The artifact that I chose is the Budweiser’s 2015 ‘Lost Dog’ Super Bowl Commercial Found here: The commercial took us through many…

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  • Wildfires Research Paper

    disasters out west of the United States. Wildfires are a event in which a fire is spread over a forest or brush. In some cases these can be tiny little fires, therefore; easy to put out. But when most people think of Wildfires they think of the giant fires out west, the fires that are on the news and can be burning for several days in a row. A fire that broke out in 2013 in the Arizona area was able to be seen on google maps satellite footage. These fires are nothing to joke around about, and…

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  • Plaintiff Log Case Study

    Pang, 72 Haw. 191, 811 P.2d 821 (1991). In Pang, Michael Thomas and other fire fighters responded to an alarm at the early hours of morning on January 6, 1986. Pang, 72 Haw. 191 at 811. This burning building owned by Pang was in the process of being demolished at the time the fire had occurred. They went to put out the fire at 425 North King Street, in downtown Honolulu. Pang, 72 Haw. 191 at 811. While they were extinguishing the fire, a portion of the burning building collapsed on Thomas and…

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  • Devin And Truffle-Personal Narrative

    though Peshtigo rarely had any fire that needed putting out. They just let most fires die out due to the lack of water. This caused him and his best friend, a dog named Truffle, to play a lot of training games. Devin would have Truffle run around fetching logs as fast as he can. Truffle wasn’t a normal dog, he was a huge dog; he was 5 feet bigger then Devin, when on four legs. Nobody knew how Devin was able to tame…

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  • Essay On Arson

    half of Tasmania is above average in fires per year compared with all of the other states in Australia (Australian Bureau of Meteorology, 2015). Tightening the laws around Arson, will most definitely guarantee Tasmania to become more safe, harmonious and more equitable. Overview Arson is a growing crime in Tasmania which is often committed for things such as insurance fraud, Revenge, use of fire to attempt to conceal another crime and also pyromania (an obsessive…

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  • Gi Harmon Factory Fire Case Study

    The first cause we found towards the deadliness of the fire was that when G.I. Harmon, an employee of the Labor Department, inspected the factory about a month before the fire he was held up by the factory owners, so, as G.I. Harmon was asked; “...they had plenty of time to remedy any defects that existed temporarily while you were there?”1 He answered yes. One of the main causes of the fire that may have been quickly remedied was the waste strewn about the factory. According to Fire Marshal…

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  • Jazz Field Trip Essay

    while attending the jazz field trip I was thrilled to finally use the fire extinguisher and other equipment that we have been learning about in class. It was everything I expected and more going into the exercise I was confident and excited to display the techniques I learned first-hand during the simulation, it gave me great insight of how to conduct myself with confidence and professionalism within the situation of a fire on board the aircraft. Identify and describe specifically how you…

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