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  • Discuss The Relationship Between Us And Pakistan After 9/11

    Analyse the relationship between the USA and Pakistan since 2001. After September 11, 2001 the US and Pakistan started to work as closely allies against war on terror. However, this alliance has seen several setbacks, especially during last four years. Alexander Evans description about the US and Pakistan relations during last decade may give the best impression: “These two countries have at times been close, at others distant, alternately cultivating or compromising each other.“ This essay will focus on the US and Pakistan relations after 2001, on those closest and distant times, about highlights and low points through examples. After 9/11 attacks in the US, Pakistan and the US have been working together as closest allies against war on terror. Firstly, relations between those two states were promising. In 2003 President George W. Bush outlined three issues that were of paramount American interest in Pakistan: terrorism, nuclear proliferation and democratization. In 2004, the US named Pakistan as a major non-NATO ally to States. This year may be outlined as a highlight in the US and Pakistan relations. Based on those public information shares one may say that relations were generally good from 2001 until 2004. There were already some misunderstandings in the beginning. After agreement, Pakistan started aggressively to fight against terrorists. At the same time, Pakistan itself suffered the most from the war on terror resulting thousands of military and civilian…

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  • Cia's Argument Against The Fairness Of Drones In Pakistan

    Those who are sceptical about the drones and other autonomous weapons can also make an argument against it using fairness. As drones are operated from a different continent, the operator is not risking his or her own life; the only risk is the risk of losing or destroying the drone. It may be unfair, because the people on the armed conflict territories risk their lives so it is unfair to them. Additionally, more developed countries have more choice of weapons, which may be also much more…

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  • Essay On London Bombing

    according to Pakistani intelligence sources. (Nelson & Khan, 2009) The time line for these events goes as follows; at 08:50 there were initial reports of an incident from two different train stations. Initial thoughts were a collision had occurred, but incidents were believed to be separate incidents. At 08:56, an explosion had occurred within another tube station; witness believed the explosion happened outside the train. At 09:17, an explosion occurred at another tube station. At 09:28, an…

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  • Spies Film Analysis

    the jobs to give the allied powers the edge in the conflict and to undermine the effort of the enemy. Many spies became known after World War II for their work against enemy forces, the majority of the spies never were discovered and will eventually become legends due to their fearless work. As I mentioned how movies give spies a false accusation, spies do the dirty work. Most of the time the work spies do is lonely, frightening, and dangerous. One of the requirements to be a spy is if (s)he…

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  • Blue Collar Brilliance By Mike Rose Analysis

    The author Mike Rose argues that most people seem to belief that work requiring less schooling requires less intelligence. I concur with the author and belief that this notion is wrong and that work requiring less schooling doesn 't necessarily means that requires less intelligence. There are plenty of jobs, the blue-collar type, that required a level of memorization, reasoning, and intelligence like any other job that may seem of higher standard. Like Mike Rose did in his article “ Blue collar…

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  • History From Pierre Menard: Truth, Whose Mother Is History

    The reason being is if we don’t think, how can we come up with ideas. By meditating we organize our thoughts and give our brain rest of all the thinking which can’t be achieved through sleeping because we have all these thoughts to sort out which will all come back after sleeping which will give us more stress. By imaging, we are thinking outside the box and if you don’t imagine you are just stuck with what’s given, let’s say “2+2=4” but not what “4+4”. Since no one discovered it yet, you got to…

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  • Religion In Lawrence And Lee's Inherit The Wind

    aggression. E.K. Hornbeck, a reporter who was sent to the town of Hillsboro, notices this when he arrived and when speaking to Rachel noted, “ Don’t worry. I’m not the serpent, Little Eva. This isn’t from the Tree of Knowledge. You won’t find one in the orchards of Heavenly Hillsboro. Birches, beeches, butternuts. A few ignorant bushes. No Tree of Knowledge,” (Lawrence and Lee 29). Relating what he knows to the simple terms of Biblical scripture Hornbeck explains to Rachel how prominent…

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  • SLA Research: Second Language Acquisition

    SLA Research As far as the research of major issues Second Language Acquisition (SLA) is concerned, a set of widely attested empirical, findings has been achieved in the past 50 years. Interest areas and priority areas have included age effects; effects of individual differences in language aptitudes and other affect and cognitive variables; the role of the broader social context and linguistic environment as sources of negative and positive evidence and of opportunities for input, output, and…

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  • The Difference Between The Old Brain Theory, And New Learning Skills

    The way you think is more about your mindset than anything; if you set yourself up for failure you will fail, if you set yourself up for success you will succeed. By seeing the difference between the old and new brain theory, as well as some new learning skills, students will be able to see that intelligence can always be changed and improved. A student who is willing to put hard work as well as discipline into their schooling can get whatever grades or diploma they want; despite what they…

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  • Reflection On Being A Dynamic Learner

    Explaining this class to someone who hasn’t taken it, would be somewhat difficult due to my bouncing around with words and not staying on track. However, I would do my best to explain it. First, by telling them to take the test that determines what his or her learning patterns were. Then after we had figured out what type of learner they are, go from there. I would go by telling them what all four learning patterns were to the best of my own knowledge, and try to explain to them what they mean…

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