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  • Theme Of Loyalty And Fidelity In The Song Of Roland

    Loyalty and Fidelity in “The song of Roland” The Song of Roland focuses on the battle of Saragossa between King Charlemagne’s bold and valiant men of France and King Marsille’s Pagan (Muslim) Spaniards. It’s through this battle brought on by Ganelon’s repute and revenge toward his stepson; Charlemagne’s nephew; Count Roland that the cultural values and conflicts between Western Europe and the Islamic world came to light. There is a vast amount of cleverly executed detail on the thoughts and feelings going on through the heads of the Pagans of Spain and more so in the case of “The Song of Roland”; the Christians of France. Following along with these character’s thoughts and feelings puts the reader in an emotional state which allows them to perceive values of each character being focused on throughout the reading in great detail. The reader learns that conflicts arise because a number of reasons, both Christians and the Pagans exude a vast amount of loyalty and fidelity toward their ruler, country and belief system. This loyalty toward their belief was a primal reason of conflict because Christians felt they needed to take action and convert those who were not Christian. Charlemagne’s goal at this time during the middle ages was the wide spread of the Christian faith in which he poured his soul and belief completely into. Almost all of his disciples, followers, relatives and people honored his rule greatly and fought valiantly to uphold this belief of widespread…

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  • The Power Of The Explorer

    deemed worthy to gain the power of the Explorer. This gave birth to the Paladins Protectors of the human race and the Explorer. Hundreds of years have passed humans have expanded beyond the rims of our solar system with the help of the Explorer. But what the humans did not know was once the Explorer was awoken it also awoke the Machine Gods there origins unknown. With the arrival of the Machines came an end to the Golden Age and started the downfall of humanity ushered in endless years of war…

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  • Gawain And The Green Knight Literary Analysis

    closing. Chivalry served as a constant factor in Sir Gawain’s actions. It can be implied that the Green Knight made such mortal proposition in order to test the extent to which chivalry affects the lives of Camelot knights. Throughout Gawain’s journey, he confronted several test to his chivalry code. For instance, during his stay at Lord Bercilak’s castle, the lady of the house tried to seduce him thrice. Right before recieving a blow in the headThough Gawain did flinched and broke Lord…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Jedi In The Making

    focus steady on my opponent, Darth Vader the Sith Master, as he assumes his own en garde stance for an epic lightsaber duel. In a flash, my combatant casts his dark cloak aside and clashes his red blade against mine. The yellow tint from the interlocked sabers, illuminates the deep mass of evil behind the mask. I roll to the right, swing wide and crouch low to intercept Vader’s prodigious leaps and somersaults. I deflect the powerful blasted bolts of his unanticipated moves and surprise him with…

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  • Reflective Essay On Evan's Brave New World-Personal Narrative

    prominently displayed even though it had come in months ago. Harvard. Full Ride. The best kept secret of his life, because it meant he’d be leaving them all behind. He couldn’t justify holding onto this silly game anymore with the one great opportunity in his life dangling over him. It was the right thing to do, Evan reassured himself. A knock on the door, giving way to people entering the house made Evan jump. He ran to hide the letter, hastily slamming it in with the cutlery drawer. He dusted…

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  • Sir Gawain And The Green Knight Chivalry Analysis

    Gawain is only at fault because he values chivalry, a flawed virtue, more than pure mercy. However, he is forgiven for his sins because he himself shows mercy. Lord Bertilak even calls Gawain “the most perfect paladin ever to pace the earth” (IV. 95). Gawain only sees himself poorly because he doesn’t see that mercy is the most important virtue. Arthur, Lord Bertilak and Gawain all use mercy to heal, but not to hurt, which is why they are so admired. Chivalry exposes the most important virtue of…

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  • Work And Leisure Research Paper

    majoring in Recreation Co-op with a minor in business. Over my three years at MUN, I have developed many new friendships especially with current and former MUN Sea-Hawks basketball players, which further expanded the impact leisure had upon my leisure. Though, I am on a break from college basketball my approach to playing at a higher level has not changed. I am still training as if I was still on the team, I work out four times a week to continue to improve my body so when that next opportunity…

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  • Reflection On Field Site Experience

    Field Site Experience PORT Human Services on Paladin Drive offers an opioid treatment programs (OTP; it is known as PORT Methadone Clinic. My experience at PORT OTP has been an emotional roller coaster. I had an interview with another student, my site supervisor, another counselor, and the site director. During the interview, I was told that if I could successfully complete practicum at this site, I would be prepared to work with any population and any facility in the profession. I was informed…

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  • Essay On Racism In Othello

    wife. The story is centred around the love story between Othello and Desdemona. They struggled a lot to get their love and finally when they met, death separated them . I suggest that the story could end differently by Othello’s knowing of his wife’s innocence and instead of killing her, he had to kill Iago who is considered the source of all evils in the play. References - Greenblatt, S. (1980) Renaissance Self-Fashioning: From More to Shakespeare, Chicago, University of Chicago…

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  • A Taste Of Honey Shelagh Delaney Analysis

    do you know that? But, what do you know about the rest of it (Delaney 41)? This is a direct reaction to this family lacking a husband to offer his emotional support. This hole that this family has is a painful wound that that will never fully heal. The reason behind this is simple, literally Jo’s father will never come back ever and to recompensate Jo must look for people and things to fill this gap. The same goes for Helen since she now lacks a husband and must feel a plethora of emotions about…

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