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  • The Pain Scale By Eula Biss Analysis

    The scales we use to measure ourselves and how we feel, fail to understand the concept of life itself. The tears of joy felt by a mother; the symphony of silence held by a survivor; the loudness of a murmur spoken as a prayer. Life is a composition, led by a melody, woven piece by piece, tied by our hopes and colored by our sorrows. Like darkness is the absence of light, pain is measured by the absence of happiness. Throughout the essay, “The Pain Scale” by Eula Biss, she attempts to give her pain some logical meaning. A logical understanding of an illogical sensation. She tirelessly uses the scales of measurement known to her to quantify her pain. This essay embodies…

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  • Geriatric Dementia Case Study

    Behavioral pain assessment tools are able to detect pain, but they have little evidence in identifying the intensity or location of pain (Lukas et al., 2012). The pain scales can also inaccurately detect pain if behaviors are present for other reasons of distress such as anxiety or hunger (Lukas et al., 2012). The current clinical guidelines for pain assessment in older adults recommends that nurses use an individualized and comprehensive approach, which includes the use a hierarchy of…

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  • Ergonomic Workstation

    proposal objectives are to determine if ergonomic workstations in the clinical laboratory will reduce the risk of occupational injuries. Our literature review will analyze published data regarding ergonomic implementation in the workplace. We will then formulate an argument to explain the purpose of our study. Conclusively, a research design will express our recommendations for how to develop and implement successful ergonomic workstations for clinical laboratory technologists. Literature…

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  • Theme Of Injustice In A Lesson Before Dying

    Injustice and the Importance of Being a Man in A Lesson Before Dying Justitia, the goddess of justice, is portrayed with a blindfold holding scales and a sword, but she, in applying her scales and sword, has never been colorblind in the U. S. 1[1] Ernest J. Gaines accuses the legal injustice against the black population through an innocent convict, Jefferson's death in A Lesson Before Dying. However, Gaines penetrates the fact that the legal injustice is rather a result than a…

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  • Geography Quiz Answers

    1___Scale is a geographic tool for creating and interpreting maps. Scale also has a broader meaning for geographers, as the relationship between any phenomenon and Earth as a whole. 2___A region is an area characterized by a unique combination of features. 3___A formal region is an area within which everyone has one or more distinctive characteristics in common, whereas A functional region is an area organized around a node or focal point. 4___An example of a functional region is the…

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  • Patient Centered Care: A Case Study

    of sleep and pain interrelate and contribute to patient centered care. Patient centered care focuses on meeting the needs of the patient as an individual and involving the patient in his or her care to achieve optimal health outcomes. According to the IOM, Institute of Medicine, including the patient with his or her care through education, options, and choices while valuing the patient’s convictions and preferences is at the heart of patient centered care (PCC and Engagement). Two major…

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  • EMLA Cream

    Abdelaziz ( 2009 )30, carried out a comparative study to compared the efficacy of EMLA cream with infiltration injection (as control), in reducing pain associated with simple dental procedures. 48 children aged between 5 and 9 years attending the dental pediatric clinic at KAU, with no previous dental experience were selected. The effectiveness of anesthesia after EMLA cream was compared with injection technique and the 2 techniques were evaluated using the Wong- Baker Faces Pain Rating Scale…

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  • Low Back Pain Case Study

    Low back pain (LBP) is cited as the second most common musculoskeletal problems for which treatment is sought by individuals. An estimated 90% of LBP reported in clinical practice is categorized as idiopathic or nonspecific, meaning that the underlying pathoanatomy is unclear (Walker, 2000). Spinal manipulation (SM) has been identified as efficacious treatment methods, especially for patients with nonspecific LBP (Slater, 2012). Early use of thrust manipulation among patients with LBP has been…

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  • Pain Education Case Study Barbara Firth

    fractured right neck of femur. She is now awaiting surgery in the operating theatre where she will undergo a reduction and internal fixation with a Tompson Prothesis. Since arriving at the hospital she has recurrently declined pain medication, and is in too much pain to change positions in bed. Despite the nurse’s efforts and advice, Mrs. Firth refuses to take any pain medications for fear of addiction. If Mrs. Firth’s pain cannot be lessened, she may suffer medical complications due to her…

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  • Knee Protesting Theory

    Patients may participate in a pretesting rehabilitation program until these impairments are resolved. The criteria used to determine readiness for testing include the following: (1) no evidence of joint effusion (2) full passive knee range of motion (3) full extension during a straight leg raise on the involved limb (4) quadriceps femoris maximum voluntary contraction force on the involved limb equivalent to 75% of that the uninvolved limb (5) tolerance for single-leg hopping on the involved…

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