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  • Executive Fire Officer Internship Report

    In year five my goal is to begin the Executive Fire Officer (EFO) program with the NFA and the Executive Fire Officer certification through Center for Professional Service Excellence (CPSE). The EFO program from NFA is a four-year process which requires me to attend a class on the NFA campus and complete and applied research project after completing each of the four classes. This program with give me a broader perspective about different aspects of fire and emergency services. This is becoming a requirement for senior chief officer position so this will ensure I am qualified to apply when the time and opportunity presents itself. The CPSE accreditation is a shorter process which I will complete within a year or less. This application process is designed for me to formulate a strategy for continued career development in conjunction with developing a commitment to my community. This designation will make me a preferred candidate for promotion or hiring because I will stand out as having superior skills, knowledge, and abilities (Center for Public Safety Excellence, 2012). A ten-year goal will be working as a senior chief officer. I love shift work and being at the station with a crew. Moving to higher ranking positions provides numerous opportunities and challenges which will be exciting to accomplish but it can be lonely once you leave shift work. The crew becomes and extended family and a support system when needed. Promoting to any chief level job requires you to work more…

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  • The K Family Structure

    are something they eat often for breakfast because they are nutritious and easy to make. Once the children have eaten, they can relax for a while and play until their mother AK has cleaned up from breakfast. Once breakfast is cleaned up, AK gets the children ready. BK’s room is downstairs so she usually gets her dressed last since RK’s room is right next to the kitchen. Once they are ready, she allows them to play in her room while she gets herself ready. AK does not spend extensive amounts of…

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  • FBI Agent Job

    While Ed told me the FBI provides enough finances and/or time to enjoy hobbies, family, vacations, your free time can be minimal. As an FBI agent, you are on call (24) hours a day (365) days a year ("Interview with Ed Buckley."). Most people in the FBI are the type that the only thing they love in life is their job, their job is everything to them. You don’t get a lot of time to hang with family and friends whenever you please. It would be especially hard to have a family while being in the…

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  • Family Interview Reflection Paper

    I carried out a 25min-long interview with one of my classmates whose name is E.R. (from a different class) and her husband P.R. They both are Polish immigrants and currently living in a suburb of Chicago where dominantly Polish immigrants live. I visited them at their home to interview on the weekend. Before the interview, my classmate introduced her husband to me and had a chance to chat with them in advance. This was a warming process, which especially helped PR get to relax. Since he had not…

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  • Eerie Dragoness Short Story

    Eerie Dragoness was not born to be a Saint she was too self-serving. She was born to a poor peasant family around 217A.D. In her early life her parents noticed she was different. Eerie was intelligent beyond her time, and preferred to spend time alone. Eerie’s family found her and the experiments she did to be rather peculiar. To Eerie they were not peculiar, but were experiments to enhance their lives. Unsupervised during her youth, Eerie spent her time in the neighboring village. They had a…

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  • Role Of Communication In Families

    When a couple becomes parents for the first time, there are many issues that might need to be negotiated, for example, how the couple decides they want to raise their children. Society as a whole is made up of many different family dynamics so it is important that a mother and father have the same ideas about how they are going to raise their own children. A couple may need to determine how many children they are going to have, what their names are going to be, if they are going to send them to…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Friends And Family

    Imagine waking up one day and your life is heading in a path you regret taking. Who do you turn to in need of assistance? As individuals mature, they realize friends and family are both beneficial to approach for help. Friends and family may both get into arguments and lose connection with each other for a short period of time, but arguments are not worth losing people who have been there through everything. Although friends are more likely to argue with one another, friends are there to support…

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  • Going Back To School Full Time Essay

    For years I wondered was it possible to go to school fulltime and work fulltime? I wondered how more and more people were able to juggle full time work, and going back to school full-time? It did not seem like there was enough hours in the day to work and go to school. I often wondered if I would be to stressful to work and go to school fulltime. A study was done from Worcester State College in Worcester, Massachusetts for enrolled students over the age of 60. When asked, “ What would you…

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  • Essay About Moving To Nursing Home

    and people. Yes, it is only decorating but it surprisingly enough, can help just about anybody feel cozy and at home. Setting up a set schedule for family to visit the resident is very significant to adjusting to the life of a nursing home. A set schedule allows the senior to be able to look forward to being able to see their family members and enjoy their company. Having somebody to visit them will help to not make a new place seem as scary and unappealing as if they were all alone. If their…

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  • The Theme Of A Good Man Is Hard To Find

    1.Unstable situation The grandmother, plays a major role in the story by introducing the audience to a very unlikeable person, which in turns, gives a distinctive negative attitude towards her that grows throughout the story. She isn’t very well liked by the family of her son, Baily. Baily’s family tries to ignore the grandmother because she often is a self-interested and conning women. For instance, the grandmother tries to convince the family to go to Tennessee instead of Florida, by adding…

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