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  • What Is The Plot In The Devil's Arithmetic

    An Analysis of the Plot in The Devil’s Arithmetic by Jane Yolen Hannah, the main character in the novel The Devil’s Arithmetic by Jane Yolen, wants nothing to do with her heritage, until a sudden transformation shows her the importance of history, and the importance of family. In the novel, Hannah is transported back in time to the Holocaust in an unknown concentration camp, where she forgets her modern knowledge and lives the life of a girl from that time named Chaya, which is her Hebrew name…

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  • Wedding Effect On Me

    Brandon’s Wedding’s Effect On Me During the span of 5 days, I realized how I want to live my life. I started my trip September 10th to go to my cousin Brandon’s wedding. The wedding was in Wisconsin and it was a very chilly couple of days, especially the day before and day of the wedding. Only a select few members of the family weren’t attending. During this trip, I realized how important family and God is to our lives. On September 10th, I arrived in Wisconsin at about 11 a.m. My mom and I…

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  • Summary: The Importance Of Parental Leave

    Parental Leave Laws are an extremely important but overwhelmingly overlooked necessity in America. Other countries have proven for years that Paid and Protected Parental Leave strengthen the family unit, as well as the economic and corporate structures. The United States is the only industrialized nation that does not mandate paid leave for mothers of newborns. We must make Parental Leave Laws a priority for all parents if we wish to improve the standard quality of life in this country and…

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  • Life Without Texting

    When I was a young girl, I begged and pleaded my mom for a phone. "But mom, everyone has a phone," I told her. She always told me that it didn 't matter what everyone else had, I was not them. That always bothered me because I obviously knew I was not them. The rule in our house was that when my siblings and I turned sixteen we would get a phone. Both my siblings already had phones, and it felt like an eternity before I would turn sixteen and receive one. On my thirteenth birthday on…

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  • Personal Values And Beliefs

    Values are morals that we practice in our everyday lives. Our values make up our personalities. We trust that they will guide us to who we want to be in the future. Believing in our values is important, but some values we might not support and believe in, this also makes us who we are. The first value that I strongly believe in is religion, Religion is the belief in a God or gods, and practicing to be a better person. My family and I are devoted Christians. I was baptized five months after I…

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  • Hawaii Five-O Reflection

    The moment that Hawaii Five-O aired on TV when I was 12, I knew that I would be able to count on watching it with my family every time it aired. We put aside our individual tasks and problems and gathered around the TV every Friday to watch Five-O. The shows characters gave prominent examples of leadership, honor, and morals, and many lessons from the show still stick with me today. Hawaii Five-O taught me a lot of things about family and what’s really important, and it brought me closer to my…

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  • Positive Face Treating Conflicts

    In my own words, I believe that there are so many issues that I’ve experienced personally when it comes to dealing with autonomous and positive face creating conflicts. Some of the issues that I can relate to, was a moment that I came to concerning the things that I loved doing. Continuing this new ideal thoughts as part of my truly needed some sort of a time away from family. This became an issue toward my parents mainly since I never really came forth face to face and told my why I’ve been…

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  • Personal Narrative: Close To A Family

    In the picture, it is December 2005, close to Christmas. My family and I are visiting my dad’s side of the family in Chadron, Nebraska, for a family Christmas party. The cheerful atmosphere is captured in the smiles on my cousin Spencer and I. The one in the front is me, and I am six years old. I am playing with Spencer and his guinea pig. While we were playing, my mom snapped a picture, capturing the silly moment when Spencer put the guinea pig on my head. When I was as young as I am in the…

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  • Reflection On Hospice Home

    Tuesday, November 10th: Today I was at Hospice Home. It was the Hospice Home building location, not the home visits. I had a good experience with the nurse I shadowed and learned a lot. I learned quickly that being a Hospice nurse at the Hospice Home is very different than other types of nursing. Right away something that stuck me is that the nurses in this setting have more autonomy in their practice. They make a lot more independent decisions and then just notify the physician as to what they…

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  • Planned Parenthood Film Analysis

    In the End, it is Always Family Regardless of how many differences we all have with our family, they’re the ones who will always be there for us. They will lift us up when we are down and they’ll straighten our path when our road becomes a little curvy. They will love us unconditionally, no matter how many times you mess up. And that’s the one really good thing about family. You can scream, rip each other’s head off, and mistreat each other, but deep down, nothing can change the love we have in…

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