Reflection Paper On Hospice Home

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Tuesday, November 10th: Today I was at Hospice Home. It was the Hospice Home building location, not the home visits. I had a good experience with the nurse I shadowed and learned a lot. I learned quickly that being a Hospice nurse at the Hospice Home is very different than other types of nursing.
Right away something that stuck me is that the nurses in this setting have more autonomy in their practice. They make a lot more independent decisions and then just notify the physician as to what they have done. This is interesting because the physicians are more readily available in this setting to ask questions and clarify the plan of care, yet they are asked very little about what they should do ahead of time. What I mean by this is, something
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Much more than I would have thought was possible. One patient received multiple doses of duliadid, anti-anxiety medication and a Benadryl, all within a few hours. I think this is different because of the type of setting. The physician seemed okay when the nurse updated her on what the patient received. This would be a lot of medication for a patient in the hospital who was recovering. I think a difference is that in this setting, while it is still about managing pain, you are less concerned with the patient becoming addicted to the medication and being out of it as a side effect and respiratory depression because the patient is dying. It’s kind of a morbid thought, but I would assume that some of the things we think about with patients we expect to live awhile, we don’t focus on with patients who …show more content…
The building is set up very family friendly and family centered. There is a full community kitchen complete with snacks, multiple living room/day room type areas, garden/fountain outdoor patios, and even a place for kids to place and watch movies. Many families often stay with their family member in the building for long periods of time, especially towards to end. These types of family areas help to make the environment feel more like a home-feel instead of a place where people got to die, and helps to provide some simple comforts during this difficult time. I was very impressed with the facility and the ways in which they made sure that the family was cared for along with the

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