Movie Compare Contrast Essay

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1. Who is the protagonist of the movie? Who (or what) is/are the antagonist?
In my opinion, the entire Sullivan family was the protagonist and their antagonist was society. This is because they faced many challenges that were given to them by society.

2. What kind of character is the protagonist? (Chose from the 4 choices) Explain your answer with evidence from the movie. Do we know this through direct or indirect characterization?
The Sullivan family is very dynamic. Throughout the film they go through a lot of significant change, physically and mentally. During the movie they go through constant change and near the end they are much different people than they were at the beginning. The family is characterized indirectly due to their actions.

3. What is the setting of the movie? (remember that that is place, time, climate and era)
This movie takes place in America (giving reason for the title) More specifically Hells Kitchen New York. The era is some time in the 1980s for a few of reasons. First, they are in hells kitchen and there is a lot of poverty and poorness just like in the 1980s. Secondly, they go to watch the movie E.T in theatres. The movie E.T was released in 1982. During the 1980s there was a group called the IRA that terrorized Ireland. This would
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The director really emphasizes this theme with the character Mateo. Mateo has Aids and talks about how he is in love with all living things because he is dying. Mateo knows how important life is and is angry that he wont be able to live it for much longer. The Sullivan family is very poor and life is tough for them but they are still going and trying to make things better because they know how important life is and how they are very fortunate to live and have a chance to get a better life. Throughout the movie we see the impact that the death of Mateo and Frankie has on the Sullivan family and how their deaths really affected

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