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  • Essay On Pain Management

    Painful procedures and pain management is a common topic when animal welfare is concerned. Why are painful procedures used on livestock? Increased safety for animals and handlers, treatment of injury and disease, production of desired products, and identification are all reasons. Procedures such as castration, tail docking, clipping of needle teeth, and ear notching/tagging have all been recognized as painful procedures in the swine industry. Many people are now asking, “If these procedures are painful to the animals, why are we using them?” Well, the following paragraphs will explain four scientific studies on management of painful procedures on piglets. How do these procedures affect the piglets? Should we continue them? Evidence shows that…

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  • Pain Management Essay

    Poorly managed pain has a number of undesirable physical and psychological consequences in children (Rennick et al, 2002) which can lead to short and long term effect on the nervous system (Sarpell, 2006). For orthopaedic patients, the consequences of poorly managed acute and postoperative pain can be quite significant both short and long terms (Lellan, 2004; Saxe et al, 2001). Orthopaedic studies have shown that the short term effect of poorly managed pain includes slower recovery, longer…

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  • Pain Management Case Studies

    a 47-year old male technician who sustained injury when he slipped on ice, twisting his lower back. Per OMNI, he was initially diagnosed with lumbar sprain. He has a pre-existing L2 compresison fracture. Based on medical report dated 06/11/15, the patient complains of headaches and severe lower back pain. He reports the lower back pain is a 7/10 and is associated-with pain and numbness radiating to both hips and thighs. The pain is worse with bending, climbing, sitting for 1…

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  • Pain Management Quiz Paper

    92. The client who is under the management of the nurse notes that the former is prescribed with Fluphenazine decanoate (Prolixin). Which of the following nursing Implementations applicable in caring for the client? Select all that apply. A. Assess client's temperature every 4 hours B. Monitor intake and output C. Monitor complete blood count D. Give analgesics PRN as ordered E. Ask the client to report sore throat immediately Rationale: Alternatives A, C and E are correct. Fluphenazine is a…

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  • Reflective Essay On Pain Management

    The past two weeks at Livengrin the topics of pain management and mindfulness have been the main focus in group with patients. The intentions of these lessons are to give the patients healthy coping skills to deal with their stressors instead of relying on drugs and alcohol to cope. The patients were exposed to meditation exercises and ways to self-regulate their frustrations in life. We also explored when it is appropriate for a recovering drug addict to take pain medications to regulate their…

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  • Pain Management Case Study

    UNJUST PAIN MANAGEMENT For the African-American Community As nurse, we seek to aide all of those who seek our help. However, not everyone is treated justly when it comes to pain management and pain control. An example of this disparity would be the case Dominique Oliver, an African American male, received a compound fracture to his lower leg while attempting to steal a soccer ball from a player on the opposing team while playing sports in high school. He was rushed to the local ER where his…

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  • Pain Management Research Paper

    Use of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Pain Management Kevin Cates Hypothesis: TCM is an effective choice in pain management, specifically chronic pain and psychogenic pain of the lower back area. Chronic Pain and Pain Management: Chronic pain is a major health issue in our modern day society. It causes immense suffering for patients and their families, drains public health care resources and is a major detriment to society due to lost work productivity. Current western medical treatments are…

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  • Pediatric Acute Pain Management

    Pediatric acute pain management it one of the top priorities in pediatric nursing. It is one of the top reasons to seek medical care. Acute pain refers to pain that is not long-lasting. This could be from a medical procedure, injury, illness, or simple operation. Depending on what causes the pain it could last from a few seconds to a few weeks. The use of a combination of both pharmacological and non-pharmacological pain interventions can improve pain control in the pediatric patient.…

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  • Pain Management Case Study Essay

    have participated in the discharge of patients and their parents. Pain management and comfort were two of the few topics that parents expressed concern about after discharge teaching. While the nurse attempted to address these issues, it felt as though the parents left the hospital without full confidence in how to manage their child’s pain. It became clear that parents needed further, specific discharge education on pain management when their children were prescribed at-home analgesics. Rony,…

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  • Chronic Pain Management Case Studies

    Primary diagnosis: Affective disorders. Secondary diagnosis: Chronic pain. Code 2480- but that code is “Diagnosis established – no predetermined list code of medical nature applicable. Did not find code for pain or chronic pain. The claimant was a 59-year-old woman. Alleged disability: She could not sit for more than 20-35 minutes at a time, had muscle and bone aches, lack of energy, no sexual activity, and depression. Her physical discomfort did not…

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