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  • Chosen People By Stuart Ewen

    Author, Stuart Ewen, in his essay “Chosen People” talks about how the middle class has fooled America. The middle class is presented as an imaginary structure in American society. The middle class is an illusion to Americans; it has changed the meaning of the American dream. Ewen throughout his essay shows how the middle class was created in the United States. Ewen then moves the industrial revolution created, such as the perceptions. With the two perceptions then came the two ways to identify class. Ewen begins by presenting the American Express Gold Card. Ewen presents the gold card as an example, of how “luxuries” can appeal to Americans. Ewen states, “The promise of ‘unspoken prestige’ that runs through this elegant packet of junk mail…

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  • Who Is Jindrich Lion's Identity?

    The Israelites, upon their exodus from Egypt, were chosen by God because of their weakened physical state. They had no identity, home, or religious bodies to look towards. Because of this, God believed the Israelites would be the perfect fit to start a new religion as they would be in need of an identity and a figure to put their faith into. However, Jindrich Lion never lost his identity. He was always a strong individual whose identity lied in his interests, not necessarily his religion or…

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  • The Influence Of Survey Of The Biblical Doctrine Of Creation

    to wash away the sin of mankind. As one is baptized, the Holy Spirit is filled within his soul to guide him through life. Roman 8:5-6 states, “Those who live according to the flesh have their minds set on what the flesh desires; but those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires. The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace”. The Holy Spirit resides within each person and speaks to them in times of…

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  • Conquest Of Canaan Analysis

    The story of Israel’s conquest of Canaan can, like many of the other stories of the Hebrew Bible, can be explained as reflections of the religious, political, and societal beliefs of their composers and editors. As a historical piece, the account of Israel’s conquest of Canaan fails to match the current archeological understanding of the Canaanite settlements mentioned in The Book of Joshau. The inaccuracies fail to reflect an accurate historical model, but they suggest that the Book of Joshua…

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  • Aaron As A Leader Analysis

    was requested by YHVH to meet with Him on the mountain. The purpose was to give the people His law and what would be required of them as God’s chosen elect. As Moses was gone for a significant amount of time the people got restless and demanded that Aaron make them a god of gold. In light of this treachery Aaron commanded that the people give of the spoils of their deliverance, the gold they acquired upon their departure from Egypt. The people without hesitation complied giving no thought of…

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  • Saul And David Analysis

    God imparts a lesson on rulers both secular and theocratic by allowing the people of Israel to defy His wishes that He would be their only God and leader. God allows them to be led by a king, albeit one whose appointment comes with His approval. God conveys a lesson in the books of Samuel, to all rulers that can be seen through a close comparison of the two kings He chooses, Saul and David. The decisions, motivations, and experiences had by these kings show significant differences and the…

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  • Personal Narrative: Gideon's Life

    Just as God elected the Israelites, He has also elected me to be one of His children and disciples. I have never considered myself important enough for God’s attention. However, I now realize that God chooses the imperfect people to be his disciples. God chose people such as Abraham, Jacob, and Gideon to carry out his will and be influential characters in ancient times. God has also chosen me to carry out his will and to influence the people in my life. Gideon was a young man who freed the…

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  • The Lord Is Worthy Of Obedience And Worship Analysis

    into the promise land. The book is divided up into three sections. The first part of Moses speech is highlighting the past experience of the Israelites, the second part is the book is God’s laws and commands, and the third section is about the future exile from the promise land. The Israelites were brought out of slavery, out of Egypt, by the hand of God. They resisted and rebelled against God for the last forty years and they are about to go into a land where people worship…

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  • The Four Identities In The Book Of Exodus

    The overall theological message or themes seen throughout the book of Exodus can be divided into four major identities. These four consists of liberation, law, covenant, and presence . Based off of these four themes, it is seen that God is supreme over all of the nations, but in particular Israel is his people, and God will continue to preserve them by actions expressed and appropriated generation to generation . This is expressed as seeing God as a god of history who comes into being through…

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  • Analysis Of Richard J. Foster's Celebration Of Discipline

    For example, simplicity teaches us to avoid materialism. As society changes, people want the latest fashion in clothes, technology, and status. They want enormous houses, stylish clothes, newest electronics, and fancy businesses; this could result in jealousy and vanity. In modern culture, people refuse to give to people; instead, they buy and buy for themselves. It is similar to Ebenezer Scrooge or the Grinch on Christmas; they value their own personal desires either to have abundance of wealth…

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