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  • Sonia Sotomayor's Analysis

    “That sense of discipline and perseverance stemmed partly from her determination to manage her diabetes (she started giving herself insulin shots at 7 because her parents seemed unable to deal with the procedure); partly from her awareness, as a child, of the precariousness of existence, slammed home by her father’s drinking and her mother’s angry response to his alcoholism (which took the form of working nights and weekends to avoid being at home).” Self-discipline is the skill that not only helped her become who she is, but what kept her motivated to persevere. In a Catholic High school, with immigrant kids whose only aspired goal was to graduate, attending college was more than anyone expected. She talks about how her experience in Yale Law School and how it influenced her legal views. Her learning experience was very different than what she had learned in in high school, and even Princeton. Sotomayor was the main reason her mother was able to finish school. She talks about how her first semester in college she received a C because she never learned the proper way to write an essay. Learning from her mistakes is what helped her work even harder. One C wouldn’t dictate who she is or who she wanted to be. In the article, “The Making of a Justice”, by Emily Bazelonjan, she states “That self-knowledge isn’t just about striving. It also enables Sotomayor to see that when she’s hard at work, she sometimes misses social cues.” Her process of learning was different from everyone…

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  • Summary Of Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior By Amy Chuan Parenting

    Chua and her parenting way In her article “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior,” which was published in the Wall Street Journal on January 8th, 2011, Amy Chua, a professor at Yale Law School, claims that children who are raised by Chinese mothers grows up to be more successful in their life and have a better future than those who are raised by Western mothers. Amy Chua states that Chinese parents spend most of their time on their kids’ academic activities, while Western parent spend most of their…

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  • Gilded Age Reflection

    One of my goals is to look for old newspapers from the past that shows coverage of sports. I would be would excited if I ever got to look at an old newspaper or book in the past, such as the books they mentioned in our textbook book (“The Law of Athletics”). I learned about the telegraph in my media and society class last year, so it was interesting to read that sports and newspaper journalists used to the telegraph to report on the results of athletic contests. They started reporting the news…

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  • The Challenges Of Hillary Clinton's 2016 Presidential Election

    considered a joke since last year. The president is the commander in chief, chief executive, chief of state etc. A good president should be brave, loyal, intelligent, and honest. During this election season, we have seen some candidate that do not have the qualities of a good president, but somehow have exceeded expectations and made it further in the season. Our democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, is a woman who knows the system and has been involved in politics for the past 35 years.…

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  • Hillary Rodham Clinton's Early Life

    frightening. Hillary had become the class president when she was in the eleventh grade. I her senior year she had ran for what she had called” the presidency.” When she way seventeen she had attend Wellesley College. So when Hillary went to this school it wasn’t that easy for her. During the first few weeks of her freshmen year she had a feeling of failure and ready to come back home. She stay at that school and work her way through it. During her college experiences she had meet some people and…

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  • Review Of The Overachievers: The Secret Life Of Driven Kids By Alexandra Robbins

    As the juniors get ready to take the dreadful SAT and the seniors fall into a dark hole of where to apply to college, one question comes into mind: Am I “smart” enough to get accepted into a prestigious university? Nowadays, a syndrome of ‘overachievism’ fills the halls of High Schools as students overload their schedules with numerous rigorous classes and get hyperly involved in extracurricular activities. In the Overachievers: the secret life of driven kids by Alexandra Robbins, the…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Paper Rater

    1999. Trump and Marla had one kid together, Tiffany. His third marriage is to Melania. Melania and trump got married in 2005 and are currently still married with one kid, Barron. His religion is Presbyterian. Some of the business he owns are hotels, golf courses, Trump Ice, and real Estate. Some of the hotels he owns are in Illinois, Nevada, Florida, New York and Hawaii. Places Trump owns Real Estate in Virginia, Illinois, Florida, New Jersey, Nevada, California, New York, Connecticut, and…

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  • Is The New Immigration Really So Bad?

    effect Immigration has on the United States.” In recent times, majorly because of the presidential election there has been a lot of discussion on the subject of immigration. And so, I used various sources from journals, books, blogs and T.V. interviews to get information from a broad range and an insight of different perspectives about the subject of the impact immigration causes. Card, David. "Is the New Immigration Really So Bad?" The Economic Journal 115.507 (2005): F300-323. The National…

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  • Symbolism In Masque Of The Red Death

    Edgar Allen Poe’s Gothic Fiction “Mask of the Red Death” takes place in a kingdom struck by plague in Prince Prospero's abbey. Prospero hosts his party in his isolated abbey to try and protect himself and his rich friends. Eventually a character known as the Red Death shows up and kills everyone. Within Prospero’s abbey there are seven colored rooms which are blue, purple, red, green, orange. white, and finally the black room representing death. The colors of the room’s represent the different…

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  • Eero Saarinen: A Career In Architecture

    However, having been “brought up underneath his father’s drafting table,” Saarinen (Jr.) felt compelled to follow in his father’s footsteps, and pursue a career in architecture. Not only did Saarinen adopt his father’s career path, he adopted a large number of his principles and attributes as well, such as his ambition, talent, diligence, respect for fine craftsmanship, belief in the interrelations of the arts, and profound respect for nature. Needless to say Saarinen (Sr.) had a very strong…

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