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  • Essay: The Moment I Knew

    Essay One How will a Yale MBA help you achieve your personal and professional goals? The Moment I Knew Moment 1. “It’s so pretty, like princess hair,” a tiny voice whispered as a frail hand fingered my brown curls. “One day I’ll have hair like yours.” Her scalp was bare and dull, an after-effect of the chemotherapy that has sought to shrink the tumor in her anterior skull to operable size. In less than two days, Maddie would be undergoing a 6-hour surgery with one of America’s experts in non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a rare head and neck cancer for which the survival rates are grim. In an immuno-compromised 8 year old, it was a last-ditch effort. If all went well, Maddie would go from the surgery into a 12-hour reconstruction, in which one of…

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  • The Four Traditions Of The UCC

    The Catholic Worker House where I volunteered was called Amistad Catholic Worker, and I think that the Amistad case illustrates the best of our Congregational History. A statue of Joseph Cinque stands outside City Hall on Church Street. The Beinecke and Divinity School Library both hold writings of Jonathon Edwards, and I was able to see them when I took a course on Jonathon Edwards while at Yale…

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  • Summary Of Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior By Amy Chuan Parenting

    Chua and her parenting way In her article “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior,” which was published in the Wall Street Journal on January 8th, 2011, Amy Chua, a professor at Yale Law School, claims that children who are raised by Chinese mothers grows up to be more successful in their life and have a better future than those who are raised by Western mothers. Amy Chua states that Chinese parents spend most of their time on their kids’ academic activities, while Western parent spend most of their…

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  • The Challenges Of Hillary Clinton's 2016 Presidential Election

    considered a joke since last year. The president is the commander in chief, chief executive, chief of state etc. A good president should be brave, loyal, intelligent, and honest. During this election season, we have seen some candidate that do not have the qualities of a good president, but somehow have exceeded expectations and made it further in the season. Our democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, is a woman who knows the system and has been involved in politics for the past 35 years.…

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  • Hillary Rodham Clinton's Early Life

    Hillary Rodham Clinton Life Hillary Rodham Clinton had been through a lot of things during her early childhood. She always been active in school and always making the honor rolls. She really have a tough dad in her life and really are strict on her. During her life there had been some changes in her life and who she really became who she was. In the paper it will going to talk about her early life, education details, career highlights and personal life highlights. Early Life Hillary Rodham’s…

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  • Sonia Sotomayor's Analysis

    Exceeded the expectations that life had given her. The motivation and determination set her aside from others in her community. A community that she once promised herself she would help heal. The limitations of a community sets many for failure. There is nothing more dangerous than ignorance. Informing individuals about how they can be able to go to school and achieve their goals is very important. Not many individuals have the same motivation and determination Sotomayor had. The author was very…

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  • Technology: The Pros And Disadvantages Of Technology

    The professor and his collaborator are not Luddites as many have wondered about this. A Luddite was a term of the 18th century which was meant for textile workers who protested against labor-economizing technology. This has had many different interpretations as time has passed such as neo-Luddites, etc. Basically it means one that is against advancement of technology because of the disadvantages. Erik Brynjolfsson is a professor in MIT Sloan school of management, and his collaborator and…

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  • Theme Of Discrimination In North Carolina

    Discrimination has been an ongoing struggle as far back as history can recall, and it is unfortunate that it is still an issue today. We have made tremendous progress for women, African Americans, and other minorities, but we are still in the midst of full rights for the LGBT community. It would be unrealistic to say that this community now has complete equality, especially when states like North Carolina pass laws allowing discrimination and refusal of treatments to the LGBT community. It is…

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  • Victor Vroom's Expectancy Theory Essay

    Victor H. Vroom As an international expert on leadership and decision making, the Expectancy Theory of Motivation was suggested by Victor H. Vroom. He was named to the original board of officers of the Yale School of Management when it was founded in 1976. Vroom has focused much of his research on dealing with motivation and leadership within an organization. He is currently a professor at the Yale School of Management at Yale University. • Vroom's Expectancy Theory addresses motivation and…

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  • Industrial Revolution: The Effects Of Global Climate Change

    Professor of Management and Strategy at the Kellogg School of Management and Faculty Research Fellow at NBER, and Benjamin Olken, the Associate Professor of Economics in the MIT Department of Economics and CEPR Research Affiliate, climate change has shown to affect economic growth in broad regions. The temperature of a country can affect its economy as seen with a cross-section of the world, the national income per-capita decreased an average of 8.5% for every degree Celsius rose in…

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