Names of God in Judaism

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  • Odysseus 3: 13-14 Analysis

    “YAHWEH” AND “I AM” EXODUS 3:13-15 Introduction There are many God’s names can be found in the Bible. These names in the Scripture are not merely denotative markers or labels, but also connote attributes and character. God reveals himself through different names in different stage. These names are not a random combination of sounds and words, but convey the authentic biblical teaching to the people. Frame argues that God’s name is his self-revelation and a way of referring to God himself. God’s name is crucial to study and know God, therefore, studying…

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  • God Of Job Analysis

    From the prologue, we learned that God was one of Job’s greatest fans, echoing the accolades “blameless, upright, God-fearing, and one who avoids evil” from the narrator’s introduction (1:1). That might be considered advocacy at its best except that, of course, God intentionally spoke those words to the satan, setting Job on a collision course with that adversary. God’s sovereign permission giving Job into the satan’s hand – twice - placed God squarely on the adversarial side of the ring as…

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  • Analysis Of Conversation Between Yahweh And The Word Laken

    Stulman uses the framework of Carroll to suggest that vv11-12 are “God’s words of rebuke”, which is reinforced in vv13-14 as Yahweh’s “discordant” response (Stulman 150). Jones suggests that this is not correct, since v11 is reminiscent of the “familiar Hebrew idiomatic oath formula” (Jones 221) where Jeremiah replies to the curse with an oath. Floyd also disagrees with vv11-14 to be interpreted as God’s response, since the use of the word “laken”, which means “therefore”, shows congruence from…

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  • Rut Ruth Analysis

    from Ruth. At the introduction to her story, she had been recently widowed. Her mother-in-law, Naomi, was also a widow. When Naomi decides to return to live in her hometown of Bethlehem, Ruth goes with her out of her love for Naomi. Loyal love for Naomi and the God of the Israelites, Jehovah, is an overarching quality of Ruth’s personality. Loyal love can be defined as a type of kindness that lovingly attaches itself to an object until its purpose in connection with that object is realized.…

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  • Elihu Character Analysis

    that chapters 32-37 are a later addition to the text. There are credible reasons for this. For one thing, we have neither any warning that Elihu is lurking on the sidelines nor any follow-up to his vigorous assertions. God did not bother to include Elihu in His rebuke to the other three friends. In addition, Elihu has his “own” prose introduction followed by four separate poetic sections so the whole unit could stand alone. There are also some readers who do not see that Elihu added anything at…

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  • Ungogenous Living Vs Standard Of Living Essay

    Living Subtitle: What is your position? Purpose: The acceptance of God’s word is profitable to those that believe in His God sent. (Jn. 6:29, EVS) THREE POINTS: POINT 1: The righteous obeys God’s commands (Ps.1:1, EVS) POINT 2: The righteous knows God’s word (Ps. 1:2-3, EVS) POINT 3: The righteous serves God faithfully (Ps.4-6 EVS) Life appears to have a lot of choices, but in reality there is really only two. We can obey and win or disobey and lose. God’s words are written instructions to…

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  • Aaron As A Leader Analysis

    After the Israelite’s were delivered by God through supernatural means (as they walked through the Dead Sea on dry land), Moses was requested by YHVH to meet with Him on the mountain. The purpose was to give the people His law and what would be required of them as God’s chosen elect. As Moses was gone for a significant amount of time the people got restless and demanded that Aaron make them a god of gold. In light of this treachery Aaron commanded that the people give of the spoils of their…

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  • The Corresence In Thomas Hardy's The Importance Of Being E

    thoughts on God and his character under different circumstances. Three options are explored: God is either loving, vengeful, or merely indifferent. In Hardy’s “Hap,” he believes that God is must be vengeful if there is a god. On the other hand, “God’s Grandeur” by Gerard Hopkins talks about how God rules the earth. Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest shows what life is like with either a nonexistent or indifferent god. “Hap” begins with the haunting line, “If but some…

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  • Jehovah In Christian Translation

    this article to inform readers about the misuse of the name Jehovah in Christian translation. He points out that this was mispronunciation was recognized and caused The New American Standard Bible to remove it from their version. Names that should have been known for God in Christianity were not included in our translations. Listing the Contents Adler What’s in a name article- Brief Explanation of the Contents The author utilizes this article to inform readers about the importance of a…

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  • Atheism: An Argument Against Jehovah

    population. The term "atheism" originated from the Greek (atheos), meaning "without god(s)", used as a pejorative term applied to those thought to reject the Gods worshiped by the larger society.” Atheists are totally against Jehovah’s existence. What they don’t know is that He is the reason why we even exist, and why we have the chance to live the blessing he offers us. Atheists have argued that they have proof and that they can backup their arguments, but when the time comes, they really…

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