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  • Pascal's Triangle Essay

    several theorems related to it (Coolidge, 1949, p151). Although the original work from Al-Karaji had lost, the later Persian mathematician Khayyam (1048-1122) referred Al-Karaji’s work about Pascal’s Triangle and uses it to find the nth roots according to the binomial expansion. Also around 11th century, Chinese mathematician Jia Xian (1010-1070) used Pascal’s Triangle to extract square roots and cube roots – more details will be mentioned later in this paper. He wrote down his discovery in the book Shi Shuo Suan Shu [The key to Mathematics]. Although the original book has lost, the later mathematician Yang Hui (1238-1298) mentioned in his book that he was inspired by Jia’s work and found out more theorems and applications related to Pascal’s Triangle (Qian, 1981, p56). Moreover, the earliest display of Pascal’s Triangle was also from Yang Hui’s work. The following is how Yang Hui display the…

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  • Analysis Of Chinese Culture

    When human and all beings are developing over time, the world is also constantly changing. The world has always open to improvements and ideas that can help make it a better one. The world today is shaped by combinations of concepts and ideas gathered from all around the world. Using Plato to Darwin to DNA written by Esther Muehlbauer, different ancient cultures along with its traditions and philosophers will be analyzed in terms of their perspectives and concepts toward the nature and humanity…

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  • Separatism In China

    difference in the actual adherence to the policy in real life. And such disparities vary among different autonomous regions. For example, Ningxia, a neighboring province to Xinjiang, the religious policies are much laxer than those in Xinjiang yet social unrest is virtually unheard of in Ningxia. Similarly in Gansu, a province to the east of Ningxia, Muslims also practice their religion more freely. Mosques are easily found in villages and the religious leader use the village’s PA system to call…

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  • Stereotypes Of American Born Chinese By Gene Luen Wang's American Born Chinese

    substance. American Born Chinese effectively challenges stereotypes by illustrating stereotypes through out the book as well as creating a character that embodies all of the stereotypes, Chinkee. American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang is a story narrative based on transformation and realization of stereotypes. We are introduced to the main character Jin Wang as he battles his inner insecurities and tries to fit into American culture. Him and his best friend Wei-chen deals with mild racism,…

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  • The Western Wing Analysis

    sneaked out of her room and was caught. Her mother reprimanded her by saying, “You are just a girl, but you left the inner chambers without permission! If you had happened to encounter a visitor or a novice who had ogled you secretly, wouldn’t you have been ashamed of yourself?” This stringent teaching precisely follows the expectations society had for a daughter born into nobility. The purpose of this type of confinement was to train women to be submissive to men. Confucius discussed gender in…

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  • Traditional Chinese Medicine

    foundations for yin-yang and the five-elements which are the essences of Chinese healing. Traditional Chinese medicine developed a healing tradition that corresponds with sympathetic magic. The five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water are the basic substances in the universe and the main factors in human life: wood for construction, fire for warmth, metal for tools, earth that produces everything necessary for survival, and water which life depends on. The five elements also correspond…

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  • Five Note Guidance Theory

    Yin and Yang In order to understand Chinese Therapeutic Music, it is necessary to understand two concepts of Chinese culture and medicine. The principle of Yin and Yang is that there is a tangible physical body and an intangible energy body. The physical body and the energy body are related with the principles of Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang are like the two sides of a coin, as neither side is inherently better or worse than the other side is, but one side cannot exist without the other. A change…

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  • Similarities Between Yi The Archer And The Ten Suns

    formed.” ( Rosenberg 360). Emerging from the egg with Pangu was yin and yang, yin became the earth while yang became the heavens. Pangu being the kind hearted indivual noticed that no life was possible since the heavens were so close to the earth so he decided to put the burden of holding up the sky on himself. Pangu held the sky up for a very long time, the sky only rasing 10 feet per day. Pangu eventually got the heavens to be far enough from the earth and decided to finally rest, dying in his…

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  • American Born Chinese Identity

    are never happy with who we are and what we have, we always want more; however, people are dismissing the conception of acceptance. In the book, “American Born Chinese” written by Gene Luen Yang, the American religious experience is accepting yourself. Once a person does this, their true identity is released. We must learn to be true to ourselves and accept where we have come from. This could be difficult for some, given the stereotypes that are constantly being tossed around. For instance, ‘My…

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  • Cultural Differences Between Junior And Jin

    reservation, I always felt like a stranger. I was half Indian in one place and half white in the other. It was like being Indian was my job, but it was only a part-time job. And it didn 't pay well at all.” (Alexie 118). Even as Junior stays true to himself, he still feels like a foreigner in either place he goes. He’s dedicated, and wishes to feel accepted by his neighbors and his school mates. Though this isn’t exactly working in his favor, Junior still continues to carry on the lifestyle he…

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