The Relationship Between Justice And Vengeance

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Evil has gone on since the beginning of time and it doesn’t stop at any point. If there is a God, then why would this God allow evil to come and ruin many people’s lives? In my paper, I give out the explanation on how God and evil can coexist with one another because good can triumph over evil through perseverance. This goes on with the relationship between justice and vengeance and how the two can’t live without the other. Though it may be hard to actually consider this, there are many forms to prove this as to be true. God has evil on Earth for the people to understand that there is always a need to make sure to give out a lesson and make others stronger. With many showcasing’s of deaths going on, this brings out the upbringing of a much stronger law enforcement to the people living in a society. Many of the …show more content…
Without any justice, there will be vengeance and without any vengeance there wouldn’t be a motivational drive for justice to exist amongst others. The two serve as yin and yang just as god and evil go in the same category as these others, both sides go along with one another and bring out the stand-point of what is needed to be shown throughout a society. Justice keeps people in order and makes sure that whatever happens in a dire situation gets taken care of the right way. Just as God would have intended for people to do with one another throughout any situation that is considered bad. Though vengeance has to stick with justice, it gives out the reason on why human beings must act out to save others in order to keep the world at a substantial balance. Keeping these two gives out the right reasoning for keeping the two in place and not try to remove one from the other. It may seem that there shouldn’t be a need for a vengeance, as there shouldn’t be a need for evil, but in reality they both bring out the real reason on why the good will prevail by taking on the actions head

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