The Importance Of Revenge And Justice

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Register to read the introduction… Those who seek revenge seek a “savage justice (Document D).” When people go out and try to get revenge for the wrong first inflicted on him or her, they overreact and often inflict more sin and hurt on the person than the person originally did. Document D continues to say that this will occur, and that people who are wise will ignore the past, and “know they have enough to do in the present.” Francis Bacon’s ideas are valid points, as looking back on the past prevents the future. The Bible builds on this idea by saying that every single person should “Love [their] enemies, do good to those who hate [them], bless those who curse [them], pray for those who mistreat [them] (Document A),” and by doing so, they are setting an example and perhaps even changing their “enemies” ways. Dumas, prior to showing how to make a perfect corresponding revenge and justice, shows that revenge is not justice. After the Count of Monte Cristo coordinates his plan, and discreetly manipulates Madame Villefort into ruining her family, it leads to some complications and problems that he did not intend to happen. After Marquise de Saint Meran was poisoned, which was a big problem; a servant was killed, which was another problem. The Count of Monte Cristo obviously did not intend for those two deaths to occur. His original plan was to exact his revenge on Monsieur Villefort, but it led to two deaths, none of which

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